Thursday, August 25, 2016


THOUGHTS ABOUT MY IDENTITY – and a few related assumptions The internet has made it possible for me to explore a subject in minutes where it once took hours at a library. I experience the internet as a market place for resources, ideas, assumptions, and beliefs. What makes it exciting for me is that everyone can bring to market whatever they want to sell or exchange. I can buy or accept whatever I want or leave the marketplace doing neither. I sell books in the market, others sell religion, others personal development, still others human origin, and others… Today there are many sellers of what black people are and are not – some sellers are scholars, more are sellers with assumptions. Here, I share thoughts about my identity. I don’t believe in a God or Gods or the story or stories of creation. Evolution seems, at least, plausible to me. I don’t believe humans began with one man and one woman – nothing else in life on earth or in the heavens supports that notion. I consider myself a highbred: a black man whose primary ancestral root is Africa. My African root is evident by physical and cultural similarities, and choice. I am an American; this is evident by my presence here and that of known relatives in memory. So, I am a black man; I am an African American or African-highbred. I am because I exist. BOOKS /ACTING CREDITS ON MY WEB SITE – please share

Friday, August 19, 2016


THOUGHTS ABOUT BOOKS LEIMERT PARK VILLAGE BOOKFAIR is tomorrow, Saturday August 20th at Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza. Teachers, students, and readers in search of good books, this bookfair is where you will find them. Even if you don’t read a lot, come to the fair. My stories with be there. MY TRILOGY BOOK TRAILER – historical black family fiction

Tuesday, August 9, 2016


THOUGHTS ON MY AUDIO BOOKS – one book flawed; please share The last of my three audio books had sound editing problems and couldn’t be published. That means I’ll have to do it again – the recording and editing. Although making mistakes still irritates me, my irritation is much less than it was when I was younger. I’ve come to know that mistakes are a part of doing any task – especially while I’m learning to do the task. Even when I know what to do I have to continually guard against mistakes. In deciding to do my own audio books I knew new skills had to be learned; and I knew it would be a challenge. As an actor I had long ago developed professional vocal skills to do the audio; I have now developed the basic skills for recording and editing – please note I said basic. I will let you know when my third audio book is published. Go to the site below and sample audio from two of my novels. LISTEN TO SAMPLES OF MY BOOKS ON AUDIBLE – please share

Tuesday, August 2, 2016


THOUGHTS ON LOVE AND LIFE I have a daily routine of reading from several books and magazines soon as I wash the sleep from my eyes. I’ve put together my own set of calisthenics that includes pushups, chin-ups, knee bends, and deep breathing; this is the second activity in my routine. Then to my breakfast of oatmeal, with fruit and nuts, and of course, a double shot espresso. As a writer and actor my brain is always working in one or both areas – I love what I do; that’s probably because I love life: all of it, the stuff that hurts as well as the stuff that heals. I’ve lived long enough to know that both are a part of life and that one could not exist without the other. I’ve lived long enough to know it’s to my benefit to love and respect all life; and that includes my fellow human beings. I make an extra effort to maintain love and respect for those who act to harm me or take my life. Remember that I love life, and is out of that love that I will act to prevent a fellow human from harming me or mine; and I will kill a fellow human who acts to kill me or mine.

Monday, July 25, 2016


THOUGHTS ON RACISM AND FOOLISM – REQUISITS TO GENOCIDE It’s Sunday, the week day I normally do nothing; I usually try to put my urge to write or do research to sleep and just let my mind go on pause. Try as I may, some Sundays my mind just won’t click off. Today I found myself reviewing documentaries on genocide. It might surprise some to discover that millions of human beings have been butchered in genocides: more than all the wars in the same period. Some may not know that genocide is not a spontaneous event. The insanity festers some times for years before it erupts. Some may not know that genocide always involves two groups of people; it may not be known by many that one group always sees the other as its enemy – as the source of its pain and suffering. Over time the identity of the groups and their differences become common knowledge. When the destructive power in each group is equal or near that, genocide is not a promising choice of action. The two groups will learn to live with the tension. When one group has more destructive power than the other the weaker group is vulnerable and ripe for genocide. Genocide is a choice made by the top people of a sovereign power. Diplomacy and prayer will not prevent or stop genocide. Superior destructive power is the only preventing method. I think all Americans are aware that the conditions for genocide exist here in our country. White and black people are the major players. Although both groups see the other as their source of pain and suffering, white people control overwhelming destructive power. Racism is coddled at the top of our government and that inspires Foolism in the population and all American institutions. Foolism is when a white person performs harmful acts against a black person knowing that racism is passively condoned by our government; and believing there is no power to oppose him or her. How else can one understand a white man slamming a black girl to the ground to control her, white men breaking the neck of a black boy to control him, white men shooting black boys to control them: how else can one see a black boy’s body full of holes and not believe the white people involved intended for him never to live again. Foolism must be forcibly prevented from the top to the bottom of our government and in all of its institutions if the specter of genocide is to be vanquished. MY EBOOKS ON AMAZON – please share

Wednesday, July 20, 2016


THOUGHTS ON KILLING COPS FOR KILLING BLACK PEOPLE – an untargeted drone vendetta For moral and practical reasons I’m against the indiscriminate killing of anyone: for moral reasons because indiscriminate killing corrupts the spiritual urge in most humans to protect each other; for practical reasons because we now have the weapons to kill us all. There are a couple myths about the behavior of white and black people toward each other I think may be feeding the increasing racial tension. One is the notion that white people are afraid of black people because we are black – I think this myth contains some truth. What feeds this fear, however, is not black skin but the awareness of past and present injustices done to black people and, more importantly, the expectation of retribution. Another myth is that the mission of police officers is to protect and serve. The mission to protect and serve is an ideal yet to be fully realized; it is an ideal still maturing. The legacy of racism still informs and influences the behavior of law enforcers; that legacy, when considering black and other nonwhite people, was and is, to some extent, not to protect and serve but to contain and control. Law enforcers have always used brutality to instill fear because that fear proved to be an effective means to contain and control. However, over the past two generations fear has lost its power to contain and control. In spite of the threatening armament of law enforcers and the menacing growl of drones, people now are more eager to confront injustice; people are no longer afraid to die.

Saturday, July 9, 2016


THOUGHTS ON COPS SHOOTING AND BEING SHOT – race caused each and each caused the other I respectfully offer condolences and empathy to the families and consolers of those who were slain or wounded. I’m only adding a few drops to the ocean of emotions already expressed here on Face Book and other media. I am not shocked by the actions of the shooters; given the state of race relations in our country their actions were and are predictable. Race was is and will continue to be a volatile issue until We, I’ll say it again, We, decide to remove the inequalities in our laws, law enforcement, governing policies, and social practice. America didn’t just become a racist country; it was born in racism. In so far as race is concern America was never great. We don’t want to take America back to a racially divided country. America’s greatness is right now being pushed into being. If We, America, accept the challenge and push on to removing the barriers that separate us by race – Americans will eventually experience the true taste of greatness. The fate of America is in our, all Americans, hands. Pray if you must but the hard work is still ours to do – otherwise it will never be done.