Friday, October 21, 2016


THOUGHTS ABOUT INDIVIDUAL TRAGEDY AND HUMAN ACTIVITY – as one person dies another is born The momentum of human activity is neither arrested nor often impeded by a personal tragedy. At the same time a brutal murdered is occurring, other humans are celebrating birthdays, going to work, moving into a new home, buying a new car, graduating from college, joining the military, being elected to office, or relaxing on a beach. No other humans, but those directly involved or impacted by the murder, suspends their usual activity to grieve. Even with, or because of, the rapid exchange of news events in the US and around the world, the most heinous acts go on without an interruption to ordinary human activity. Because tragedies never cease, I think I’ve become insensitive to their impact on those directly affected. Oh, I still get a visceral response to another’s pain and suffering but the feeling doesn’t last too long. I’m not alone in this seeming insensitivity. I’ve come to the conclusion that the inability to sustain a concern for those caught in the tide of a tragedy allows the tragedy to be replayed again and again. A sustained concern might encourage us to develop preventive measures. Tragedies are inevitable; but many repeating tragedies can be prevented if we are concerned enough to eliminate the cause. We can prevent recurring tragedies. MY EBOOKS ON AMAZON – please share

Wednesday, October 19, 2016


THOUGHTS ABOUT “THE BIRTH OF A NATION” – see Nate Parker’s film, Please Share I saw the film yesterday and it gave a visual reinforcement to what I already knew about Nat Turner – it gave me a real life context, something I could see, touch and feel. The film medium is a potent tool that leaves a visceral and indelible imprint in one’s mind; that’s why any story teller, any historian, any propagandist, any politician, any dictator, strives to get their work in film. See the film, despite what a critique or a friend says: even if you don’t like Nate Parker, see the film; no matter your religious faith, see the film; no matter your political persuasion, see the film; no matter your sexual preference, see the film; no matter that you’re not black, see the film. If you are black you shouldn’t need a reason to see the film – you should see the film because it’s about a significant event in black life in the history of this country. Am I saying you should see “The Birth of a Nation” simply because it’s about black life written by a black man? YES! That’s exactly what I’m saying. See Nate Parker’s, “THE BIRTH OF A NATION.” Do it today. BOOKS /ACTING CREDITS ON MY WEB SITE – please share

Saturday, October 8, 2016


THOUGHTS ABOUT A BLACK POLITICAL AGENDA – goals and objectives held in common by all black people – please share Considering culture as activities held in common by a group that is not genetic: activities as religion, art, rituals, beliefs, social practice, and so on. Black culture, in my view, is still in its adolescent stages; adulthood is not yet in sight. Individuals and small groups have attained an adult cultural mind, but the whole of black life here in America and around the globe is without a mature culture. Taking on cultural elements of past civilizations enriches ones cultural development but might do nothing for others in a group. Black people are a beautiful, intelligent, and resilient people; the best that evolution has seen. There is at least one common belief shared by all in our adolescent culture – that is the will to survive and prosper. However, the ability to employ this will does well for some individuals and small groups but not for all others – they simply do not have the skills. Black people do quite well as individuals but fail miserably to translate that success in larger groups. Our cultural development falters because we have failed to communicate with each other across religious beliefs, social class, and political ideology. In order to develop a black political agenda, one that moves all blacks toward a full grown culture, blacks must agree on what must exist for all black people to develop the skills and opportunity for a desired quality of life. A BLACK POLITICAL AGENDA must transcend religious beliefs, social class, and political ideology. MY EBOOKS ON AMAZON

Saturday, October 1, 2016


ET ADOLPHUS WITNESS FROM PLUTO - Nasa’s New Horizons just went by I was resting on the summit of a tall mountain when it appeared as a sunlit spec on the black fabric of our solar system. In the space of a breath it was looking directly at me – I waved, even though I knew I would only appear as a pebble in a pixel in its eye. My wave was more a salute to the folks at Nasa for a job well done. I’ve traveled throughout our solar system, our galaxy, other galaxies, and the whole of our awe inspiring universe; I’ve sat on its rapidly expanding edge and plunged into the endless black of nothing. I still wonder if our universe will ever fill that seemingly endless void; I don’t have a clue as to the truth of that. There is one constant I see as true about all that exist; and that is that everything comes into existence, evolves to whatever it can be and then ceases to exist – it dies, everything that lives will die: I will die, as will all life, our solar system, our galaxy, and our universe will eventually die. Perhaps the ashes of our dead universe will seed the beginning of another; perhaps our universe too is evolving.

Monday, September 26, 2016


THOUGHTS ABOUT MIGRATION AND SKILLS – skilled migrants better suited for migration When I refer to skills here I’m talking about what one knows how to do that can be sold to others who are willing to pay for what one knows; if what you know to do can be done by many people, almost any one, then your chance of being welcome as an immigrant to another city or country is next to zero – you will be seen as a liability: no city or country wants a poor person with little or no skills. In addition to skills, race is an important factor in determining migrant opportunity. In countries where Europeans are a majority and in control of institutions there is little opportunity for, say, black people to migrate; unless their skill level is high and in demand. Even with a high skill levels blacks will continue to be faced with the politics of European’ dominance: population numbers, institution control, and wealth. Many black people have chosen and or been forced to secure immigrant status or citizenship in another country, particularly Africa; if you examine those black migrants you’ll find that most, if not all, have skills they could employ to support themselves: Africa does not need more poor black people with no usable and or saleable skills to maintain themselves. I see reparations as an integral part of growing the skill bank of, specifically, young black people. Reparations, in my opinion, will have a painful and bloody birth. In the meantime you young people must take the lead in demanding skill development at every step of your education – the question to always ask is, WHAT SKILLS IS THIS SUBJECT TEACHING ME; WILL IT HELP ME GET A JOB WHEN I’M DONE? Don’t wait for adults to get skills for you: It’s your life, so you get them – SKILLS. MILK THE IRON COW - trailer

Thursday, September 22, 2016


Earl Ofari Hutchinson stimulated this post by asking for solutions that might be used to prevent the police shooting of black men. A standard of conduct should be set governing the drawing and or use of a weapon. That standard should be based on the Actual, not Subjective, treat posed by a person. In the absence of an actual treat a weapon must not be drawn and or used. There should be a penalty for violating the standard.

Monday, September 12, 2016


THOUGHTS ABOUT GOVERNMENT SALE OF IT’S CITIZENS – to private owners The business of American government is obviously business and not the welfare of its citizens. African Americans have lived within this reality since the first slave was put on an auction block. Now as more European Americans witness the sale of public lands, the loss of jobs, loss of investments and pensions, loss of homes, loss of good schools, loss of health care, they like African Americans are beginning to mistrust the conservative mantra – less government more personal control. Whites are beginning to see that they too have been sold to private owners; wealthy white men who see them as commodities to be bought and sold in a free market. In an effort to block the advances of a few black people many whites joined their wealthy owners in demanding that our government annihilate all government programs designed to assist the delayed development of black people; those whites shouted their protest to legislators and courts. Now those whites scream to the government for justice; but their only recourse is their white wealthy owners – it seems to be one of life’s axioms, when you deny the rights of others your own rights are denied.