Monday, February 20, 2017


THOUGHTS ABOUT CAPITALISM vs SOCIALISM – one tends to concentrate wealth, the other tends to spread it I see capitalism vs socialism as being the root cause of obstructionism and party polarization in the operating activities of our government. Through private ownership with its profit motive, capitalist have won the favor of a large portion of the voting public. I believe this is because that public believes what benefits capitalist could also benefit them – there is now a desperate reach by that public for any promise of a better and sustained livelihood. That capitalistic public is blinded by the promise which obscures the reality that pure capitalism tends to concentrate wealth – the rich and powerful tends to get richer and more powerful, to the exclusion of all others. Put simply, the more wealth one has the more he/she is in a position to purchase the means of production and obtain profit – no or little wealth means no or little control of production, no or little control of profit. Other developed countries opt to employ social democracies which tend to find a balance between capitalism and socialism. This form tends to resist the concentration of wealth and support the general welfare of all citizens.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017


THOUGHTS ABOUT PAYING EXTORTION TO LIVE – the wealthy buy up freedom and opportunity In the existing struggle between the haves and have much less or next to nothing, the have less or next to nothing are forced to pay what amounts to extortion for the right to stay alive. A scam set by extreme wealth delude the rest of us into thinking if we pay pennies to fight their millions of dollars that we can wrestle from them a better life and livelihood, and eventually realize a reasonable share of the wealth we help create. It’s a fool’s game we play. Super wealth has the momentum and is likely to carry the day. The gulf between the haves and have less or nothing will continue to grow both deeper and wider. There is and has always been a tendency of the wealth-poor and politically impoverished to try and win the favor of the super wealthy – the recent presidential election is but one obvious example. What the poor and impoverished still fail to realize is that super wealthy individuals have absolutely no intention of sharing the wealth. Their intention is and will always be to exploit every opportunity to increase their wealth and too distant themselves from the have less and have none. What is blatantly hypocritical about the way this charade is played out is that it’s cloaked in Constitution and Religious Rhetoric.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017


THOUGHTS ABOUT THE OPTIMISM OF, YES WE CAN vs THE REALITY OF, WE WON’T ALLOW IT – the move away from democracy I have an abiding and unshakable admiration for our president Barack Obama. My admiration rest on the fact that he began his first term in office with the philosophic principle that America could move to being a nation that would exemplify the true meaning of equal freedom and opportunity for all. From the start, white wealthy-powerful men and women stood on the summit of our government and shouted, ‘Yes you could but we won’t allow it.’ Even in the face of that potent headwind our courageous president maintained that philosophic course through his second and final term. For a person to hold on to what could be through the shit of what is, takes the kind of courage only a few of us have. I readily admit that I don’t have that kind of courage. I am comfortable in calling shit just what it is – shit. I have known for some time that white wealth-power has always vowed to keep wealth and the American Government firmly in its control. White middle and lower classes have always benefitted from that position so there was little need for them to complain. Yes, there have always been white people who found a bit of moral ground to stand on, but that has not nor will it ever sway white wealth-power. The rule of law has always been a banner waved as evidence of a democratic value; but what is grossly understated is that there are unjust laws – laws can be created or circumvented to curtail the rights and freedom of some while enriching the freedom of others. It is the laws and regulations of our government, at all levels, that keep black people living in a state of economic and psychological panic.

Monday, January 9, 2017


THOUGHTS ABOUT THE HOUSE WE ALL LIVE IN – this house we call America Because our house is so big and spacious I sometimes have this fleeting illusion that its size is immeasurable - I know that’s not true, but it seems so sometimes. I’m quick to admit that others have thought me a little strange, a little off. When I was much younger I would run from that observation; as I aged I came to embrace it. I am indeed a little off – a little crazy, at times a little more than a little is probably a better description. I am crazy enough to know that other peoples also live in this house. Although they live in different rooms, although we seldom if ever meet one another, although we all don’t look alike or speak the same language, this house is theirs just as much as it is mine. When I first came to know where my room was in this house I found I was surrounded by people of European extractions – some among them didn’t want me to venture too close to their room; they, in fact didn’t want me to occupy any room in this house. I’m not certain, but perhaps this is why I became a little, sometimes a big crazy. I have grown insane enough to know that me and mine will live where ever we want in this house, that we will contribute to and enjoy all the benefits this house has to offer, that we will not allow another people to deny us those benefits, that we will give our lives or take the lives of others rather than be denied any benefit enjoyed by others in this house – this is OUR house too: OUR America.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

STAND UPSIDE DOWN - historical black family fiction

STAND UPSIDE DOWN: Trailer – please share

Friday, January 6, 2017

MILK THE IRON COW - historical black family fiction

MILK THE IRON COW: Trailer – please share

Thursday, January 5, 2017

HARVEST THE DUST - historical black family fiction

HARVEST THE DUST: Trailer – please share