Sunday, January 31, 2016


Thoughts on RANDOM THINKING on… Woke up in the middle of the night with my mind racing around Around politicians preaching gonna give it to you You want your grandchildren to be safe from preditors Preditors who wear uniforms complete with badges of honor Honor that taste like shit Shit that falls from a drone sky killing innocence Innocence that look to us for direction Direction to a place called home Home where we can see our grandchildren’s lives without boycott Boycott for the right to exist Exist in the midst of perpetual war War for dominance in the name of democracy Democracy that behaves like plutocracy Plutocracy that boldly controls life Life that still waits for a jesus Jesus will never come Come we shall over Over the come now Now we have to take Take and make our own Own heaven right here Here…

Saturday, January 23, 2016


THOUGHTS ON FRIENDSHIP AND INTEREST – a reflection I just finished a task I’ve been working on for a year or more – I’ve competed and uploaded my trilogy of audio books; one is already available at and with the remaining two to soon follow. Before I dive into my next project, a solo performance to promote my books, I’m taking time to do absolutely nothing except visit theatres, book stores, museums, art galleries, movies, the ocean, and restaurants. At this moment I don’t give a shit if I never get back to work. My friend Lloyd Roseman and I share at least two passions – acting and the universe; yes, that vastness we too often give little or no attention. We see our sun our moon our planets our stars without really takin in the fact that there are billions of suns moons planets and star in our universe and that number is growing. On a hot day we get some idea what a violent place the sun is; any closer to that ball of molten hot stuff and we, all life on earth, would be instantly toasted; any farther away and we, all life on earth, would be instantly ice cubes. Earth is just where it needs to be for us, all life, to exist. Perhaps this fact doesn’t give you pause; but what might cause you to give some thought to our awesome universe is that everything in it is moving at unimaginably high speeds. It doesn’t take a high degree of intelligence for one to conclude that some stuff is going collide with other stuff. Solar systems are being born while others die; galaxies are being born as others die – some think universes are born and do die – these thoughts might hold your attention for at least a minute or two. Me, I’m gonna have a good breakfast in a favorite spot of mine and not think about fucking thing.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016


LOVE 99 AND EQUITY UNION FOLLOWUP Some people find it necessary to demonize those they disagree with; early in my eighty plus years of living I learned to disagree without demonizing another person or group of persons. When I disagree with Love 99 that neither stops my respect for the work they do or my enjoyment of a performance and performers. I love theatre, all forms of it, and being an actor in it. I have friends in Love 99; for me those friendships will continue. My disagreement with Love 99 as a business is that money is made using the work of actors who do not share in the benefits produced. Simply put, when benefits flow from the work I do I want a share of those benefits – something for something. Nothing for Somethings makes no sense to me. Love 99 would use me to make money and only thanks me for it – well, Love 99, you’re not welcome; and I won’t continue working for you for nothing. In my world of thinking free things are of little or no value. People simply do not respect a person or thing they can get without paying something – something for something.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016


LA LOVE 99 SEAT THEATRE vs LA ACTORS’ EQUITY ASSOCIATION – my thoughts The actors and stage-managers’ union met yesterday. The union members present voted overwhelmingly not to support LA AEA UNION’s plan to implement minimum wage contracts in 99 seat theatres. In short, union members voted to continue working for nothing. LA Actors and Stage Managers LOVE working for NOTHING! On the whole AEA members are some of the brightest people working in this business; but when we’re dumb we are really dumb. I gotta give it to LOVE 99/AEA members for laying down the best cajoling line of bullshit I’ve heard in a long time – it was most effective on the soft hearted/brains of most union members in the room. Love 99 has forced LA EQUITY and Equity NATIONAL to set aside implementation and enter discussions as to what will be implemented and when, if ever, that implementation will take place. LA AEA members who bought what LOVE 99 is selling are completely ignoring the national trend of business and government, owners/managers, to gut the effectiveness of unions to protect the best interest of their members. Love 99 members want the union but only on their terms.

Friday, January 8, 2016


MY THOUGHTS ON SEX AND SEXUAL PREFERENCE In most things important to life I would test to the right or left of the great hump. I’ve always found it impossible to follow the crowd – something about doing what everyone else is doing is repulsive to me. I don’t assume what I’m doing is better just different. The reason for my taking the way less traveled is that I like to think – I like creating and identifying choices and then choosing which way I travel. When I’m told I have no choice my reply is fuck you – that leads me to the thought I’m sharing: sex and sexual preference. I see the sex act as a purely biological and psychological function. In addition to the drive to procreate it’s good for the nervous and immune system and it feels damn good; without sex, life would have never been born and there would be no such thing as happiness. The biological/psychological sexual preference of all life is diverse – it is not clumped together in the middle of the great hump. Preference can be found at very point along the bell curve. The genitalia of humans do not predict nor define sexual preference. Males are not locked into preferring females as sexual partners; females are not locked into preferring males. The tendency, the inclination, however, is for one genitalia to choose its opposite; so most humans will be somewhere in the hump but not all in the middle. Those on the slopes of the curve are just as normal just as human as those who see themselves in the middle of the hump.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015


SHARING THOUGHTS ABOUT REPARATION – my thoughts are limited to the United States only I first give what I think reparation is and what it is not. Reparation is a debt owed to African people and their descendants for the irreparable harm imposed by a sovereign state to gain wealth and power. Reparation (money or equivalent) is intended to bring healing to a people who have been harmed – it is a restorative process. Reparation is not a bank-check mailed to every citizen of African descent because the people and government of America feel bad about what happened and is happening to black people. Forgive a little sarcasm here – most Americans with a measure of wealth and power don’t give a fuck about slavery or what has followed. So, if you’re waiting for a reparation check you’re wasting time. Reparations should first be directed toward removing those systemic barriers legally erected and enforced to thwart the development of black people. Secondly, reparation should be directed to excising systemic race bias. Thirdly, reparation should be directed to retrofitting institutions to handle such reparation-remedies as Affirmative Action. The structures to oversee, administer, and perform reparation activities could be limited to: United States Senate Budget Committee – set reparations as a budget item. United States Attorney General – oversee reparations. NAACP – Legal Defense Fund – control and disperse reparations.

Monday, December 21, 2015


HARVEST THE DUST is Book 1 of historical black family fiction and is set in Arkansas – 1934. It is the time when Jim Crow Laws governed the lives of black people – what they could and could not do; where, when and how they could do it. The Great Depression was devastating the nation’s economy; cotton was the staple crop; and Arkansas’ fertile land had turned to dust. Go to,, for more information.