Saturday, October 25, 2014


IT MAKES ME SAY SOMETHING Ebola makes me say something. The world for me seems to be much smaller; certainly much smaller than when I was small. I think smaller is a good thing – not me, the world. Like it or not we are beginning to know more about each other as Americans, and more about other peoples around the world; it’s not like we have a choice. It doesn’t matter that I don’t like white people, or any other people; my attitude does not alter the fact that we share the same space and time; sometimes that space is on an airplane, in a restaurant, at a mall, traveling on a train, bus or subway. With all our differences we must still share common spaces. It didn’t take me long to figure out that if a person within my space is facing a physical threat that I too am threatened. With the world getting smaller – in terms of travel and communication – spaces are merging. At one time in my life I didn’t much give a shit about other spaces nor the people in them. But with Americans dying for freedom in other spaces, the names of which I still strain to pronounce, with people from other spaces blowing up my space, with my government spying on everyone’s space, I have come to the conclusion that not only have all spaces merged but so has the people in them. It’s been said in many ways – if the health and wellbeing of one person in any space is under threat we’re all under treat.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


WHY I WRITE NOVELS – 13 As a black man I’ve known for some time that I owe a debt of gratitude to my parents, my grandparents, and my ancestors that can never be paid. Were it not for them I would not exist – quite literally. It is they who survived their bodies being ripped apart and sold in the meat markets of the world. It is they who had their tongues torn from pleading mouths and fed to dogs; it is they who were forced to watch their men being castrated by hogs and their women raped and ravaged by iron claws; it is they who watched their flesh being fed to fish and their blood soaking the soils of lands still hiding in the shadows of a genocide yet to be acknowledged; it is they who refused to die when forced to live at the edge of humanity; it is they who refused to stop breathing even with the boot-heels of government on their throats; it is they who dared to stand even when hanging from trees; it is they who never stopped snatching more humanity, never stopped healing themselves, never stopped making life possible for me. So now you may be able to understand that my novels are and will continue to be a tribute to my parents, my grandparents, and my ancestors.

Thursday, October 2, 2014


WHY I WRITE NOVELS – 12 I love life – it’s not a new love affair, I’ve been in it for a long time. It started when I began to understand that I am unique, that every person who ever lived, who is living now, and who will ever exist, each of us is unique: each and every one of us. There are no two people exactly alike. Some people may look alike, some may act a little alike, but each person is unique, each person exist in their own time and place and when dead will never exist again. I don’t know how life began. The notion of The Creation is no more than a myth to me and The Big Bang Theory is no more than a pop. I frankly don’t give a shit how life began – well, maybe a little – what’s more important to me is I’m now here with other people and other living organisms, for better or worse. Now this is really the good part – I have the power to make my life progressively better and the skills to enrich the lives of others. Through my education, my book reading, my desire to learn, I have taught myself to think. I can now write stories that allow me to share the experiences of other people – some of those experiences may help me and you make better choices during the time we exist.

Thursday, September 25, 2014


SHARING RANDON THOUGHTS For many years now I’ve made it a habit to read from several books each day of the week – titles and substance of interest to me. No day passes that I don’t comb the local and world news for information – I think knowing what’s going on close to and far away from me has some value and perhaps some effect on my life. Being a free thinker I don’t allow any belief system to dictate what I can or should read – I certainly won’t allow any person, living or dead, or yet to be born to take the freedom of my own will. Since I don’t believe in a God, a Heaven, a Hell, a Virgin Birth, a Christ, some would classify me as an atheist. I don’t debate my freedom with those who live within a belief system; nor do I attempt to dissuade them from their sanctuary. I’m happy to say that those who know me respect me enough not to try and dissuade me from my freedom. I live within what a call a universal notion – I don’t know how we began but I think we have the power to determine whether we will continue to live or die forever.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014


WHY I WIRTE NOVELS – 11 In my novels to date I have examined how significant historical events influenced character behavior. I think human beings are making the history of tomorrow today – what we are doing or not doing today will create the historical events of tomorrow: we are making our tomorrows every minute of today. Our trees, our water, and our weather systems play a major role in filtering the air we breathe. The air of our earth has become so polluted the trees, water, and weather systems can no longer filter (clean) it. We need clean water to drink and grow food – we need clean air to live. Climate Change is well into becoming a significant historical; human (our) behavior will change significantly – not for the better.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


WHY I WRITE NOVELS – 10 HARVEST THE DUST is my first book of family fiction. I set the story in the time of my grandparents – it’s the mid-1930s in west-central Arkansas. Most people in this small farm town rode in wagons or walked – few people owned an automobile. Water came from a hand-pump outside houses not from faucets inside. There was no running water inside houses so toilets were built in an outhouse. Milk came directly from a cow not from a grocery store. Black and White people were separated by law. Jacob is a black man and the head of this family – his wife, Clara, is a black woman who could easily have passed for white. As a boy Jacob witnessed a black man being burned alive by a mob of white people. Clara’s father was a prominent white doctor who never acknowledged her as his daughter. These early experiences of Jacob and Clara not only influenced their behavior but also the behavior of their children. My own life experience convinces me that my behavior is influenced by not only my experience but also the experience of others.

Thursday, September 4, 2014


WHY I WRITE NOVELS – 9 The Pasadena Play House produced a work of Peter J. Harris at a history making event Sunday 31 August 2014. The dramatic poetry was directed by Alison M. De La Cruz, a staff member of the Play House. The historical event is the First Annual Leimert Park Village Theatre Festival, Los Angeles, California, presented by The Leimert Park Vision Theatre Consortium. Ten black male actors of diverse backgrounds and impressive resumes used their crafts to animate Harris’ characters giving them life. “THE BLACK MAN OF HAPPINESS,” became a living organism, a choral synthesis of what makes a black man happy. As one of the ten black men chosen to be in the performance I became a part of this historic event. For some time now I’ve been doing two things with my life-time: I write and I act. I love life, I love story – when I’m not on stage or in front of a camera living a story, when I’m not reading story from a book, I’m sitting with my laptop creating a story.