Wednesday, December 7, 2016


THOUGHTS ABOUT WHY NO END TO BLACK STRUGGLE – no change until we change If you’re black and reading this please don’t anticipate some illuminating thought that will answer the Why question or give an ultimate answer as to How we must change. If you’re white and reading this please don’t look to what other black people have said for a comparison to what I will say about the Why and the How. It’s not that what I will say is any more important than what has been said; but the way I say it is created out of my experiences and, in that respect, it is unique. As always, I do not seek agreement with the thoughts I share – I frankly don’t give damn if you agree or not. After I give something, whether material or words, it no longer belong to me; when I give it is without expecting anything in return. We, black people, have been and still are the most beautiful, the most resilient human beings ever to come into existence. Our total being was designed and has adapted to meet all challenges in our immediate environment and will take us beyond. Nothing in all of existence has been able to stop our development, our evolution: and nothing or no one ever will. The rich and powerful white men that control this country’s political, economic systems also control our educational and research systems. Those systems have been use to fashion a negative universal image of black people and have created the environment in which that image takes on a life of its own; just as the world believes the false images of black people, we, black people also believe those images. When a lie is set in a fertile environment, beliefs can and do lead to reality. This may fall hard on tender ears, but we are behaving as we have been conditioned to behave. We are participating in a game designed by a white oppressor group (WOG). The aim of the WOG is to fragment our thinking, to splinter our beliefs, to reduce our collective resources so that we will never come to a consensus about what is most important for black survival and progress. The following may also be difficult for tender ears to hear; religion is a major tool of oppression used by the WOG; law is another, political affiliation another, gender bias another, class bias, skin color, and the list goes on. We must think outside the WOG’S game to develop our own game for survival and progress. We must find consensus among ourselves in order to build a new image of black people – first for ourselves and then for the world. Black people devoted to a particular religious group, or even a collective of such groups, cannot create a consensus for all black people; however, their faith can be a tool in developing one, as can the law, political affiliation, education, but no one or all together will bring us to the realization that we are a unique, a beautiful, a resilient people who have proven skills at meeting and overcoming the formidable challenges we have faced during the whole of our existence – and no WOG’S childish games will keep us slaves at the bottom of humanity. MILK THE IRON COW: Trailer – please share

Tuesday, December 6, 2016


THOUGHTS ABOUT AN ANTISEPTIC VISION OF THE CAPITAL – redoing the White House The first black resident family is gone. On the front lawn, figures in white protective suits scurry about – like astronauts – carrying black objects, large and small, from inside the White House and throwing them onto the pile of black objects already there. A squad of figures, also dressed in white, carried gun-like weapons connected to tanks, labelled Hazardous material, mounted on their backs crossed the lawn and entered the portal. A few white figures scurried away from the portal carrying the last of the black objects. Figures encircled the pile of black things as those inside came to windows – all stood in silence as if in grief. Suddenly the pile of black things burst into violent flames. As it did the silent grief transformed to hypnotic jubilation that continued until the black things were all burned to white ash. STAND UPSIDE DOWN: Trailer – please share

Friday, December 2, 2016


THOUGHTS ABOUT AMERICAN BUSINESS & GOVERNMENT INTEREST – American workers expectation I’m going to say somethings that may be difficult for some readers to believe, but I assure you that what I’m saying is not without some bases: I come to this conclusion both from experience and observation. I start first with the expectation of the average American worker, no matter the race or sex. I’m considering those preparing to enter the workplace and those with some experience but whose skills no longer keeps him or her working steady, if at all, in a livable wage-paying job. In spite of layoffs, plant closings, attacks on unions, employee wage and retirement benefits, the average American worker still believes that American business and government is looking out for citizen workers; that American business and government cares what happens to them. The truth is, business and government cares as much as they can or is willing to; and that care does not come close to meeting the needs of the average American worker. For the most part the American worker is still on his or her own! The interest of American business and government has been broken into two unequal areas. The smallest area, this is small business and local government, has been left alone to try and meet the needs of the average citizen worker. Small business and local government does not nor will they ever have all the resources to meet those needs. Meanwhile in the biggest areas, this is big business and big government, the focus and ambition is to create wealth and power for those who contribute most to the creation of wealth and power. It is not the interest of big business and big government to attend to the needs of average American citizen workers: they are but pawns in the game of creating wealth and power. MY EBOOKS ON AMAZON – please share

Wednesday, November 23, 2016


THOUGHTS ABOUT SELF AWARENESS – protection and defense Readers who would rather paint tomorrow’s world with pretty pleasing colors should pass this little essay of my thoughts without reading further. However, if you occasionally dig into the gore of our reality, stay with me. Presently groups are pushing to make room for them self. Other groups are irritated by their insistence to share the available, and often limited, space and resources. That irritation has been in the public arena for some time. The most recent public display of it still resonates in our recent elections. The media has made millions by bringing these irritations to the public stage. The thing that concerns me is the increase in violent rhetoric and physical actions; we seem more prone to react to violence than we are to prevent it. I’m about to reference a recent event to make a point - I mean no disrespect to those intimately involved. The indignant cries of pain following the slaughter at the South Carolina church was reactionary; appropriate, but still after the fact. I simply do not believe everyone in that Bible study group was so enthralled in what they were doing that they failed to discern the deceit in that young man – especially him being an armed young man. Someone or ones in that group ignored their intuition believing that nothing as monstrous could happen: that was a miscalculation with fatal consequence. There are white people in our country that would, if the opportunity presented itself, destroy black people: all of us. So, just as black men and women have fought and died on foreign soil to protect the freedoms all Americans share, black men and women must fight to defend our own and have ourselves seen as a formidable foe, rather than a people willing to prayerfully accept anything being done to them. One question white men and others in media often throw at black people is, ‘Do you believe in violence?’ My answer to that question is unequivocally YES: when and where ever it is necessary to protect the life and wellbeing of ourselves and others. MILK THE IRON COW - trailer

Friday, November 18, 2016

I PERFORM from HARVEST THE DUST, first novel of my trilogy

SIX AUTHORS PRESENT I PERFORM from HAVEST THE DUST Crown Books at The Promenade Woodland Hills, CA 6100 Topanga Canyon Blvd. Sunday 20 November, 2 – 3:30: PLEASE COME.

Saturday, November 12, 2016


THOUGHTS ABOUT WE AMERICANS – together for better or worse As I recall, it was a cartoon character that advanced the notion, ‘We have seen the enemy and it is us.’ The leaders of our, what-could-be, great country have all beat the fear-drum of the need for a strong- defense against a malicious enemy. More often than not that enemy had no clear definition. More often than not we, our leaders, had done something to provoke a sovereign people – then through propaganda had us to see them as our enemy. Consequently, there are groups of sovereign peoples who don’t like us. Compounding this condition is the fact that groups of people within our country don’t like and are distrustful of other groups – we are living with enemies. Enemies without and within our country should be a terrifying thought. Perhaps this reality is the reason why our leader’s paranoia has led to the largest number and most potent weapons of human and habitat destruction the world has ever seen. To devastate or annihilate a perceived enemy is to devastate or annihilate ourselves. MY TRILOGY BOOK TRAILER – historical black family fiction

Wednesday, November 9, 2016


THOUGHTS ABOUT OUR PRESIDENT ELECT DONALD TRUMP – Trump supporters and the other Americans Was I surprised about the election outcome, YES – really surprised, NO. I travel and I read; as a writer and actor I have and have had a great deal of social and intimate contact with white people. I know there are white people who simply do not like black people. Even the presence of blacks in social places and predominantly white neighborhoods grates their sensibilities; it drives them mad when blacks raise their voices in open protest against some injustice – they want blacks to shut-up and stop whining, or preferably just go away. There are wealthy and politically powerful white men and women who not only side with those who do not like blacks but who give political voice and action to their agenda – every black person knows or should know that very powerful white people in our country follow an agenda to Make America White Again. I caution the other Americans not to be overly enthusiastic about the increase in the number of people of color, as though people of color will begin to have a bigger voice in decision making: This is a delusion. Larger numbers do not translate into greater political and economic power. Powerful white men and women and their supporters intend to maintain complete control of wealth and political power. READ: Claud Anderson’s “Black Labor White Wealth,” and Jane Mayer’s “Dark Money.” I do not give a flying fuck if you like to read or not, read these books; get someone to read them to you, or tell you what’s in them – READ GODDAMIT READ. My last thought of this subject before I get off the stage. Black people and other Americans must learn to become subversive obstructionist. We must learn to obstruct every law and every policy that gets in the way of black people increasing their share of the wealth generated in this country; of black people increasing their employable skills; of black people reducing their numbers in prisons, with a restoration of all citizen rights upon release. The Republican Party has written an encyclopedia of Obstruction Techniques – I use our illustrious President Barack Obama as a reference. BOOKS /ACTING CREDITS ON MY WEB SITE – please share