Friday, November 17, 2017


THOUGHTS ABOUT WHO BUILT THIS (COUNTRY) – WE did Some years back I wrote a poem titled “We’re Growing Up” – the opening line was I Saw Us When We Were Born Covered By The Slime and Blood of Slavery… On one occasion I recited the poem at a gathering of follow artist and art lovers. An artist came up to me at the end of the session and quietly informed me that we, black folks, did not come into being in slavery – that black folks were in existence when white Europeans were still living in caves. The conversation continued with the artist pointing out an objection to saying African American as a racial description, preferring to say African instead. I listened intently to being identified as African rather than African American but could find no compelling reason to prefer one over the other. Slavery was a barbarous, dehumanizing act that transformed African slaves into a different people – African slaves eventually became Americanized Africans: African Americans. We are not the same people as were our African parents. Thanks to the blood and resilience passed on to us by our African parents we maintained our humanity through slavery, Jim Crow, and systemic discrimination to the present day. Black groups saying We Built This (Country) is really an over reach, a spin on reality. Now in rebuttal some Irish groups are saying We Built This (Country). Like black Americans white Irish Americans who use the mantra are over reaching reality. History records the struggle of Irish people to become a part of the American fabric. Some Irish need to be reminded that once the door of opportunity was opened for them they joined other white Europeans in closing that door to black Americans in the building trades and other skilled jobs and that denial continued well into the 1970s. All white American and Europeans need to be informed or reminded that black labor has been employed in every aspect of American and European development. Whether it was black hands laying brick molding steel, building roads and rails or changing the course of rivers, whether it was black unpaid labor that created the money that filled the banks that paid the wages of the Irish and other Europeans, America as it is would not exist without the active participation of Americans of African descent – black folks.

Thursday, November 2, 2017


THOUGHTS ABOUT LIFE CHOICES – make your own or they’ll be made for you I stay away from telling others what they should do to attain what they want. I learned early on that my choices are just that, mine; and not what will lead another to where they want to go. I don’t love nor trust anyone more than I love and trust myself. It is out of the love and trust of self that I am able to love and trust others. I decided long ago to set my own course in life and not wait for circumstances or others to make that decision. Through experience and education I learned the value of acquiring the skills necessary to do what I set out to do; I learned to persevere and not give up when I failed. I learned that the road I traveled would not be crowded; I learned that most of the time I would be alone physically and in my soul. Some of the choices I’ve make have not set well with those close to me. I decided to take the responsibility into my own hands to not father more children by undergoing a vasectomy. I decided when I should get a divorce and sought agreement with my spouse. I decided I would never marry again. These were choices I saw necessary to achieve what I set out to do. I have not had the success I set out to achieve in all my choices but I would never have achieved the success I did and will have if I had not made my own choices. I have discouraged some from following my choices. What has been or will be successful for me might very well kill them. I have acquired the skills necessary to make choices that have a reasonable chance of success. It would be foolish of me to support a person in a choice they haven’t acquired the skills for.

Saturday, October 28, 2017


THOUGHTS ABOUT THINKING ABOUT RACE – attacking every insult to blacks is a waste of energy There is a game played by men who see themselves superior to others; the game is played repeatedly in order to test and maintain dominance, to keep those being dominated off balance, distracted. The game has many forms – all intended to persuade the dominated to exhaust themselves through the waste of energy. If he can be kept busy swatting farts he will miss the rat about the bite the baby; he will miss the white man entering through his basement window, or that white man writing the law to take away his rights, his life, or the one who is planning to annihilate him. Some things are said and done by white men to yank our chain so to speak; or in today’s vernacular, the white man is just fucking with us. While we’re exhausting ourselves swatting farts the real harm to us as a people is being done undetected. Not every fart is worth the cost of a pleasant smelling aerosol. Rather than bringing a white fart to a public forum for debate, a quick and effective response could be – GO FUCK YOURSELF!

Saturday, October 21, 2017


THOUGHTS ABOUT SPINNING – spinners twist story into another reality I use spinner here to mean a person with the word-skills to make the truth seem a lie and a lie seem the truth. There are spinners who have perfected the craft of spinning to the degree they are sought after in our most respectable institutions. Spinners have twisted their way out of the shadowy world of criminal deceit into the world of respectability. Instead of being chastised and scorn for their suave lying, spinners are applauded for their bold daring. It is as if a person who can make a lie sound like the truth is awarded while a real truth teller is made to feel ashamed. We seem willing to accept the twisted version of a truth than the unadorned version of a reality. It appears we Americans want to believe we are that shining city on a hill where the love of God resides, where freedom and the pursuit of happiness is given to all, where our actions, no matter how inhumane, are committed for the good of all. We are so use to twisting our own lies that spinners have become akin to us, a part of the American family: we are comfortable being spun.

Friday, October 20, 2017


THOUGHTS ABOUT BEING AMERICAN – mythology is becoming reality At least once or twice a week I sit with a group of retired men at a mall coffee shop. It’s a mixed racial group; like other informal groups this one opens conversation to issues in the news, local and national. Quite naturally the so called Browning-of-America and the growing white resistance to it enters the conversation frequently. I make no pretense of speaking for the group or any member; I have shared my view on the subject with the group and now share it with you. The invitation by founders of a budding America inviting the oppressed to see America as a land of opportunity and freedom and to make it their home was specifically an invitation to white Europeans and not people of color. The public face of that invitation made it seem the invitation was to any and every one. Since the European elite had already relegated blacks to a subhuman level and only fit for servitude, it never entered their minds that black people would ever see the invitation to freedom and opportunity as including them. What started as a mythology for white people began to take on a reality of color – white elites and some members of the working class have joined hands to stop and reverse the Browning (blackening)-of America. There’s a bit of irony here in that white Europeans brought blacks here to help build the land of freedom and opportunity yet continue to deny them their share of ownership – white elites added color to a white dream and now want to wake up to a white reality. I conclude that blacks have and continue to contribute to the development of this America and rightly claim an uncontestable ownership.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017


THOUGHTS ABOUT SOLUTIONS vis-a-vis BLACK PROTEST WHITE-NATIONALISM – taking room to think First an aside; I’ve been absent from posting regularly because of a heart attack. Over time the accelerate rate and erratic rhythm of my heart weakened the muscle to the point where it no longer pumped blood with enough force to nourish my brain and body, especially during a high aerobic activity – I now have medication that helps me maintain normal heart function; I still must slow my ass down and work on regaining the strength of that vital muscle. Now to what I really want to share: because I’m black I think first about the welfare of black people – beginning with family, friends, others of my kind, and then others no matter the kind. I’m an American, though not in the white-nationalist sense. I don’t think America belongs exclusively to black people. And I don’t waste time quibbling with white people about my right to be here; nor is my right to be here rooted in the words transcribed from the mouths of white men or some creator fashioned by them. I am here because I am: as were my parents, grandparents, and ancestors reaching back in a time before white men even knew this continent existed. We black folks love to talk about our problems and we do a lot of it – to fucking much of it. I meant that just like I said it, but I’ll subdue it a bit for those with thin skins. I don’t mean that any voice should be left out of exposing racism: I do mean we tend to get stuck talking-and-re-talking about it till the story loses its voice, its strength. Let me take another bite out of our black butts – the more time given to talking about a problem the less time given to solving that problem. We avoid working on a solution because it’s hard fucking work, we have to think. Solving problems that plague black folks is hard work but its work we have to do to get a desired quality of economics, education, employment, and the sense of well-being.

Friday, September 29, 2017


THOUGHTS ABOUT EXECUTIVE CENSORSHIP – foreshadow of a dictator Our news media faces a constant barrage of executive criticism whenever reporting does not agree with his point of view. Executive is moving toward dictator whenever the leader of a small Country can challenge his point of view and provoke the treat of being annihilated. Executive is moving toward dictator whenever voices of descent are muted by treat and intimidation. Whenever black voices of descent are threatened with loss of livelihood, we, all Americans, are in the shadow of a dictator.