Monday, July 20, 2015


THOUGHTS ON HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS FINDING INTELLIGENT LIFE The physicist Stephen Hawkins is putting $100,000,000 Dollars in the game of finding other intelligent life in our universe. Universities are sure to get in the game; but WHY NOT HIGH SCHOOLS IN URBAN AREAS. High school SCIENCE TEACHERS should join hands to form clusters with other high schools and take up the challenge. Middle Schoolers could start now - when they're seniors they will be expert hunters. Science Teachers, High School Students, just think of the BOOTS FOR SCIENCE in urban high schools, the PRESTIGE, and all that MONEY!!!

Thursday, July 16, 2015


THOUGHTS ON DESIRE PRAYER AND OUTCOME I should be recording and editing more chapters of my first audio book. BUT I’ve been avoiding doing that for more than two weeks. I admit that some of my avoiding is procrastination – I tend to be very creative at it. I don’t just come up with silly reasons for not doing the work; I create very important ideas that only my immediate attention could possibly save me and the world from oblivion. I know I’m full of shit, but it gives my ego a chance to test itself. So, let me get to what I want to say about DESIRE, PRAYER and OUTCOME. I suppose that very early in my life I had some measure of belief in Santa Clause the Tooth Fairy, Heaven, Hell, Wishing Wells, and I suppose Fate – I’m sure fate came later, and seemed even stranger than other beliefs. Fate, as I understand it, is an outcome controlled by something, or someone other than one’s self. Fate suggests shit just happens – and has nothing to do with what one does or doesn’t do. And that brings me to the heart of my very important idea. I don’t think there’s some unseen force randomly assigning shit or sugar to the lives of people. I think where ever one happens to be in life they’ve done more than anyone else to get there – fate does not rob one of all personal choices. What one desires or prays for only identifies an outcome – but desire or prayer alone doesn’t create the outcome; thinking must produce options, choices must be made, and the work must be done to achieve an outcome. We must Do Something to reach an Outcome. Now excuse me while I get back to doing the work.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015


JUST SHARING THOUGHTS ON FLAGS AND GUNS Racism finds sanctuary in all areas of our democracy – a democracy still struggling to fulfill its ideals. There is legal racism, political racism, social racism, religious racism, economic racism; virtually every aspect of the American culture is polluted by racism. The nature of racism is discriminatory and ubiquitous. It has the qualities often attributed to God by believers: omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent. I am grateful to Bree Newsome and her spotter James Tyson for their courageous act of removing the Confederate symbol of racism. The lowering and removal of the flag was done In The Name of God. I assume we are all aware that the Confederate symbol was raised In The Name of the same God – the Confederate and Union flags flew over the battlefield of a great war; they flew over rivers of South and North-Blood: both were raised In The Name of the same God. For some time this was a dilemma to me; but I worked it out. I became an atheist. The ordinary racists have and will continue to carry out their ambitions to dominate and control the lives of all black people. Racist-terrorists, however, are a different kind of animal – their ambition is to annihilate, to kill, all black people. No amount of forgiveness or prayer or persuasion will deter racists from achieving their ultimate ambitions. If America is ever to live and not just talk about its ideals, Black people along with Other Americans must sabotage the ambitions of racists by any and all means necessary.

Thursday, June 25, 2015


SHARING THOUGHTS ON RELIGION AND MORALITY Had a phone conversation with, Lisa, my youngest daughter this morning. I called to wish her Happy Birthday and too catch up on things – actually I’m a day late with my B-day wish; got deeply involved in a film debate on Religion and Morality. It was well past 3 am when I shut down my computer; after a few hours of sleep I called my daughter to sing short versions of the birthday song. Although I’m the son of a Baptist preacher and at one time considered study in the Christian ministry, I have long stopped believing those things a Christian must believe to support his faith – I stopped believing the Virgin Birth, Deity of Jesus Christ, Resurrection, Heaven, Hell, Life after Death. God, as defined by most religions, became more a question than a fact. For obvious reasons I don’t participate in any religion. I’ve always resisted labels; for a long time I reluctantly accepted Agnostic when contemplating the existence of God and morality. Now the Atheist label seems to be a better fit for how I live my life. I neither believe in nor appeal (pray) to a supernatural power to direct my life. I chose the course my life will take and make the necessary adjustment when I fail at something. My morality doesn’t come from the fear of a God or Hell’s fires – it comes from my sincere desire to add to the quality of human existence by the choices I make.

Saturday, June 20, 2015


SHARING THOUGHTS ON RACE IN AMERICA The lives taken in the terrorist tactic at the South Carolina church provoked me to share my thoughts on whether black-white race relations is moving toward peaceful coexistence or mutual inhalation. History, and the current behavior of our government, seems to suggest that conflict is better resolved by bloodshed. The bigger the entrenched conflict the greater the required amount of bloodshed to resolve it. White on Black racism was in the inception and birth of this country we call America and has matured since it was born. The ocean of blood that was shed in the great-war was not enough to resolve the white on black racism still existing in America. If the history of conflict resolution is to be followed, white on black racism must continue until all blacks have been murdered – an American race genocide. Early in my development I thought that race-related bloodshed, to the point of inhalation, was inevitable. As I matured I came to know that I, we – all Americans - could conceive and develop my, our own future; I came to know that I, we – all American, am, are not slaves to the past. What racist whites better get is that blacks are here to stay; and that we will play active roles in all aspects of the American culture.

Thursday, June 11, 2015


JUST ET ADOLPHUS THINKING ALOUD Although my physical body is earth bound, my consciousness and spirit often take trips into the heavens exploring the wonder of solar systems, galaxies and the other stuff that makes up our universe. A friend of mine gets very excited when my Ego starts to talk about his experiences. She thinks I’m flipping out again and implores me to stop talking about leaving the earth. I do admit that I am a little crazy; but it’s the kind of crazy that gives me the freedom to do to be to think of all sorts of things - no subject is off limits to me. I don’t seek any ones permission to think and talk about shit I know little or nothing about - which brings me to my notion about our expanding universe. Yes, my ET Ego has a notion about why the universe is expanding. Why should scientist be the only ones to have fun thinking about such things. Everyone knows there are eight planets in our solar system – there was nine but scientist decided one didn’t measure up to what a planet’s supposed to be so out it went; it’s still there but we’re told to pretend it ain’t. Now to my notion; with our sun producing energy way beyond my comprehension and with all the planets producing energy by their rotations and orbits around the sun - and don’t forget that each planet, like the sun, has its own magnetic field - there’s a lot of energy being produced. My ET thinks that that energy has form and dynamic of its own; and I think ET’s right. If we think of all the suns all the solar systems all the galaxies in our universe, that’s a whole biggalotta energy being produced. ET Adolphus thinks it’s the effects of all that expelled energy that’s driving the expansion of our universe.

Monday, June 8, 2015


MY THOUGHTS ON POLICE TRAINING/TACTICS – INVOLVING NON-CRIMINAL YOUTH CONFLICT When a police officer brutally restrains a young person in the same manner as he would a terrorist or adult criminal it’s an insult to my sense of justice and angers me. By posting these thoughts I’m urging Parents, Police Officials, Police Officers, Police Trainers and others in youth development to change the way officers are trained and ordered to carry out their duties. Our cities are not war zones and our youth are not enemy soldiers. I noted in an earlier post that police training continues to adopt military tactics when stopping and arresting civilians. Police dress and weaponry reflect that trend. I don’t think military tactics ought to be used in non-criminal civilian conflict: particularly non-criminal youth conflict. Where an enemy soldier or adult-criminal understands the rules of conflict and yielding to an authorized force, a non-criminal youth, and many adults, is totally unable to understand or comply with the rules of conflict – particularly in a spontaneous situation. The command to shut-up and get face down on the ground requires an individual to instantly abandon any sense of autonomy - the natural instinct of self- preservation. Soldiers and criminals often find it extremely difficult to assume such a vulnerable position. When I see non-criminal youth physically handled like an enemy soldier or adult-criminal something inside me screams NO!!! POLICE TRAINING AND TACTICS must be changed when stopping youth conflict – we must make the change before the gulf of trust between police and communities is unbridgeable.