Thursday, May 25, 2017


THOUGHT ABOUT LIVING LAUGHING FIGHTING – my art of saying fuck-it while fucking with it The discussion, often argument, as to whether human behavior is shaped more by nature-nurture or environment-perception has been around since wo-man first started to be aware of her-is self. More recently epigeneticist discovered some answers, some light, at the cellular level of our being – African ancestors called it Blood Memory. We not only look like our parents but we are preconditioned, before we’re born, to adopt a parent’s behavior – saint or sinner, so to speak. This means a pimp might produce a pimp, a prostitute a prostitute, a preacher a preacher, a musician a musician, a liar a liar, a murderer a murderer, a racist a racist, and the list go on. Once we leave the womb and enter the realm of nurture and environment, what happens to us there affects and shapes our behavior. Remember that we are all preconditioned for certain behaviors. Both nurture and environment brings those predispositions into play – what was only possible and predictable becomes real. The reasons why we seem to be always dealing with the same human problems is that human behaviors are passed on from one generation to the next, to the next, to the next. Racism is a behavior. So, for me it is not a new and shocking reality. Instead of railing at the top of my lungs till I burst a brain vessel, I assess the value of the harm it is causing and decide how I should deal with it. If racism is causing me no real harm, fuck it. Someone calling me a nigger doesn’t even get the hand, fuck’em. When I assess the harm has significant value and can cause pain or worse, I move to thwart or reduce its impact. I will take a life or die defending my own and that of my kind before submitting to lethal harm. PLEASE SHARE.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017


THOUGHTS ABOUT THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX – not following the crowd One thing that has helped me continue my development is my ability to think outside the box. Even as a young growing child WHY was always flowing from my mouth. Even when punitive rules didn’t encourage the inquiry I thought it silently. I was never one to just do what I was told when it didn’t make sense. Even when it seemed to make sense I wanted to know Who said it and Why. Mother was more tolerant with my Whys than Dad, but I still thought it. In primary school I was seldom mentally in class with the rest of the kids. I was always exploring the outside world visible to me or the world in my imagination; they were almost always more interesting than what was being told without ever allowing me to ask Why and Who said. As a young adult I had what I call a vision. In this dream state I was in a very dark place, so black I could see nothing, even though my eyes were wide open. The space was full of people; although some stood still most were moving opposite to the direction I was going. Some people tried to change my direction but I’d simply brush them away and continue walking. I could see nothing but intuition compelled me to keep moving. As I continued the numbers of people diminished to a point when I was alone. Soon there was a dim light ahead and I knew I was headed in the right direction – awake and more conscious. I have long been an independent thinker and am never confined to any box – religious, racist, political, sexist, social, or genetic.

Thursday, May 11, 2017


MILK THE IRON COW is Book 2 of historical black family fiction and is set in Milwaukee, Wisconsin – early 1941. It is the eve of World War II; the time when black families were leaving farms in the south for work in northern factories. Black men were denied employment and barred from union membership. Go to for more information – PLEASE SHARE. GO TO WEB PAGE:,

Saturday, May 6, 2017


THOUGHTS ABOUT EUROPEAN AMERICAN PATHOLOGY – white domination drives racism drives behavior The latest moves by the republican administration away from healthcare for all is no surprise to most thinking Americans. Now that our whole political system (republican, democrat, independent, others) is driven by the rich and powerful, those with the power are moving to forge the economic, political, and social systems in ways that not only maintains but increases white dominance – controlled by white wealth and power. Not all white people will share the benefits of this dominance; even though they are led to believe so. In an objective sense I salute the gamesmanship of the power brokers in the way they formed a coalition of the white wealthy and the white impoverished to win the election and an overt change in the economic-political direction of the United States Government. For the white wealthy the goal is, was, and will always be to maintain dominance through wealth and power; only the allusion of morals and ethical behavior is tolerated in this dominance. For the white impoverished the goal is to always be a little better off than people who are not white. Given the modest gains of some black people topped by a black man becoming president of all Americans, and given the so called browning of America, the white impoverished felt and feels themselves losing the ground they thought was theirs through inheritance. White wealth and power offered them a life line and they grabbed hold pledging hope and votes to white wealth and power.

Sunday, April 30, 2017


THOUGHTS ABOUT BLACK WRITERS ON TOUR BOOKFAIR, Carson, CA – Saturday 29 April 2017 I first thank Doctor Rosie Milligan, founder and producer of BWOT, creator of the forum for writers, artisans, and commercial venders. This is an annual event; everyone is a consumer of one product or another – BWOT is a marketplace where you may find what you’ve been looking for. I sold a complete set of my trilogy plus a single title; and gave a free copy to a high school student. As important, I had conversations with individuals about the economic, political, and social growth of black people. Racism continues to be a constant challenge; but the growth of black people is unstoppable.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017


THOUGHTS ABOUT LIFE IN THE MOMENT – breathing the now For reasons beyond my full understanding I have never wanted to escape any part of my living, no matter how difficult it seemed in a particular moment. In my use of alcohol and drugs my goal was never to escape life but to enhance the experience of it. Before becoming my own employer I held positions where personnel policies provided for the accumulation of vacation days. Because I never chose to be away from my job for more than a few days, a week at most, I always had unused vacation days at the end of a year; instead of long vacations I took many mini vacations. Now as a working retiree, I’m self employed as a fiction writer and character actor; I work every day and take many mini moments for other interest. For me, all I do is not different things but one thing with different moments – I have learned to live in the moment.

Sunday, April 23, 2017


THOUGHTS ABOUT CONGRESSMAN SHERMAN’S TOWN HALL – democracy is alive and politically awake here in Reseda, California Saturday 22 April 2017 2 pm to 4 pm was the date and time of this meeting; Reseda High School Auditorium was the venue. The auditorium is said to be one of the largest public venues in the San Fernando Valley. Reseda High School is within walking distance of my apartment, so I arrived about 1:30. A huge crowd had already gathered waiting for the doors to open; once the doors opened the auditorium quickly filled to its capacity. A colors guard marched in bearing our nation and state’s flags; all stood and recited the pledge of allegiance. I couldn’t forget the pledge even if I tried. However, as an atheist I don’t repeat the, “under God” phrase – I go silent for those words. My respect for our flag and love for our country does not come from the lies I was indoctrinated with in grade school but is self-imbued with the toil and sweat of my parents and the black lives and limbs lost in defense of our nation and its ideals: imbued by the thought of those black people still relegated to the butt hole of America and the world. Black people have labored and died too many for too long to give up our earned birthright, the right for reparations, before we have it well in hand.