Wednesday, July 20, 2016


THOUGHTS ON KILLING COPS FOR KILLING BLACK PEOPLE – an untargeted drone vendetta For moral and practical reasons I’m against the indiscriminate killing of anyone: for moral reasons because indiscriminate killing corrupts the spiritual urge in most humans to protect each other; for practical reasons because we now have the weapons to kill us all. There are a couple myths about the behavior of white and black people toward each other I think may be feeding the increasing racial tension. One is the notion that white people are afraid of black people because we are black – I think this myth contains some truth. What feeds this fear, however, is not black skin but the awareness of past and present injustices done to black people and, more importantly, the expectation of retribution. Another myth is that the mission of police officers is to protect and serve. The mission to protect and serve is an ideal yet to be fully realized; it is an ideal still maturing. The legacy of racism still informs and influences the behavior of law enforcers; that legacy, when considering black and other nonwhite people, was and is, to some extent, not to protect and serve but to contain and control. Law enforcers have always used brutality to instill fear because that fear proved to be an effective means to contain and control. However, over the past two generations fear has lost its power to contain and control. In spite of the threatening armament of law enforcers and the menacing growl of drones, people now are more eager to confront injustice; people are no longer afraid to die.

Saturday, July 9, 2016


THOUGHTS ON COPS SHOOTING AND BEING SHOT – race caused each and each caused the other I respectfully offer condolences and empathy to the families and consolers of those who were slain or wounded. I’m only adding a few drops to the ocean of emotions already expressed here on Face Book and other media. I am not shocked by the actions of the shooters; given the state of race relations in our country their actions were and are predictable. Race was is and will continue to be a volatile issue until We, I’ll say it again, We, decide to remove the inequalities in our laws, law enforcement, governing policies, and social practice. America didn’t just become a racist country; it was born in racism. In so far as race is concern America was never great. We don’t want to take America back to a racially divided country. America’s greatness is right now being pushed into being. If We, America, accept the challenge and push on to removing the barriers that separate us by race – Americans will eventually experience the true taste of greatness. The fate of America is in our, all Americans, hands. Pray if you must but the hard work is still ours to do – otherwise it will never be done.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016


THOUGHTS ON POLITICS OBAMATIME – sagging pants no shorts just raw ass: butt-crack and all There was a time when politicians on opposing sides would scent the funk in what they did; you know, keep their shit from stinking in everyone’s nostrils. There was an effort to appear honest, patriotic, and noble. But at the advent of OBAMATIME many politicians said fuck the pretense. The same politicians now say it in headlines: ‘This is a white country governed by wealthy white people and we will use our power and wealth to dictate what is taught in classrooms, what is written into law, how governing policies are designed, and how court judges adjudicate.’ Wealth-power says, ‘We will limit the number of jobs and make it impossible for your government to provide you with the resources to have health care, to feed, clothes, house, and educate your family. Every American citizen will kneel at the feet of Wealth-power and pledge allegiance to doing its will – God bless you and God bless America.’

Friday, June 24, 2016


THOUGHTS ON THE Is AND THE WEs – something to think about I have what I’ve come to think of as a Popcorn Brain. It stems from the fact that whenever I’m given an idea or think of one myself, my brain takes that one idea and Pops a head full of others. A few kernels into my brain produce a bag full of popcorn. Some of the pops ain’t worth a fuck, but they’re in the bag. From time to time I get an idea that’s worth sharing. I have this idea about my 2 modes of thinking; the first mode is what I call my I-mode of thinking. The second is what I call my We-mode of thinking. In the first mode I mostly think about what concerns me – others seldom inter my mind. In the second I include others in the things that concern me. What I’ve found is whenever I move from the I-mode to the We-mode of thinking I get more possibilities to meet, resolve, my concerns. The I-mode (Me) way of thinking doesn’t work as well for me as the We-mode (Us) way of thinking.

Friday, June 17, 2016


THOUGHTS ON BELIEFS AND BELIEVERS THAT KILL I am not shocked by the systematic slaughter of the 49 human beings celebrating life in a gay club. For sure, I do have empathy for the mourners who lost love-ones and for those recovering from inflicted wounds – but I’m not shocked by the misguided act of the shooter. In fact I anticipated it as I have other atrocities committed by fellow humans with a belief, the will, and the power to force their belief on others. A note of caution: be leery of a person with a fervent belief when they are determined that others must accept that belief. Be especially leery when that belief is sanctioned by a god. My anticipation of radical behavior is not limited to individuals or small groups but includes governments: especially those with the power to force their will (belief) on others in the name of a god.

Thursday, June 9, 2016


THOUGHTS ON MY GETWITH – my word for vacation It’s the morning after deplaning at LAX from Milwaukee, returning from three weeks with the best damn family and friends to ever dwell upon this earth; my sister Zenobia, her companion Wilma, my brother Isaac; daughters, Denise, Azeeza, Lisa, sons, Anthony and Michael; grand and great grandchildren; nieces and nephews; friends. When leaving Reseda, CA my determination was to GETWITH and enjoy, again, just being with them. I’m fiercely independent and am cautious about interrupting the routines of family or friends. I always rent a car when I get to my GETWITH destination; and more often than not rent a motel room. But, some years ago my “young” friend Virginia gave me a key to her house and a spacious room to use whenever I’m in town. Mind you, her house has an unobstructed view of Lake Michigan from each of three floors. Virginia is actually much younger than my 81 years but whenever I talk about her publically I always make that clear; it’s my way to keeping her house key.

Sunday, May 15, 2016


THOUGHTS ON RIDDING MYSELF OF CLUTTER – stripping down to what I really need Not quite sure why my mind and efforts have moved toward getting rid of stuff; perhaps my getting older has something to do with it. A few weeks ago I set out to see more empty floor and wall space. It turns out I’m really good at getting rid of stuff. When I was less old it was near impossible for me to part with books I’d read and reread, and I kept buying more books; it was as if to part with them was eliminating a part of me. I’ve now sold or given most my books to readers – it was like my donating an organ that keeps both of us living. In the past few weeks I’ve sold and given away books, furniture, sports equipment, bedding, empty glass picture frames, and other items that had occupied floor and wall space. I can now see more wall and floor space than stuff in my one bedroom apartment. I’m now taking a critical look at my closet full of clothes. I’ve decided to start wearing items I seldom if ever wear: my one suit, sport coats, dress trousers, dress shoes, dress shirts, tux, dinner jacket. So, if you see me wearing a dinner jacket, jeans, and running shoes having an espresso at Starbucks, I didn’t just come from nor am I going anywhere special – I’m just delaying getting rid of more stuff.