Wednesday, April 22, 2015


EQUITY COUNCIL ON 99 ALTERNATIVES I have the capacity to reel out a lot of rhetoric about why I voted YES on the referendum and why I fully support the Council’s decision now. I prefer, however, to cut through the hyperbole and get to the heart of the matter as I’m experiencing it. The reality of LA’s 99 Seat Theatre is that actors are its life blood – many of the actors are Equity Members; that reality presently compensates Equity Actors by allowing them to work just for the love of doing the work; that reality would have continued to exclude actors from any money consideration if it were not for Equity Council entering that reality with a process for 99 Seaters to Pay Equity members. Like many union actors, I do not get enough work to pay for all of my living expenses. So for me, receiving some money for all the work I do is vitally important – I don’t just work for the love of doing it.

Friday, April 17, 2015


ACTORS’ EQUITY REFERENDUM VOTE – “NO” VOTES WON BIG Conflicting opinions don’t get me too excited even when I’m on the losing side of the vote. If Equity Council Members fail to establish the means by which Equity Actors and Stage Managers share in the benefits of their labor then all Equity members will lose and Equity Association will fail to achieve its long standing mission. Adolphus A Ward Equity Actor

Monday, April 13, 2015


SHARING THOUGHTS ON BOOKS AND READING I use this space to thank Dr. Rosie Milligan for the opportunity to show and make my work available to the reading public. All day Saturday 18 April I will have a table at BLACK WRITERS ON TOUR. My trilogy of books is Historical Family Fiction – 3 books about three generations of the same family. I have long been an advocate for literacy. Reading is a skill; a skill that has to be acquired and developed. If you don’t like to read, it’s probably because you don’t read well – in order to read well you must READ READ READ and READ SOME MORE. On Saturday 18 April I will give a limited number of FREE BOOKS to High School – junior senior – and College Students. Click the link below for more information:

Friday, January 16, 2015


IT MAKES ME SAY SOMETHING – 11 Accidents caused by older drivers stepping on the accelerator instead of the brake seem to be increasing – this makes me say something. To begin with I will be 80 next month so I qualify as an older driver. My mind body and spirit are in good health. If you’re an older driver or know someone who is, consider what my experience has taught me. About eight years ago I was in a rush and making a left turn into a shopping center lot; an oncoming car changed lane and appeared to be making a right turn into the same lot – in a split second I concluded the driver would have to slow down to make the turn; just enough time for me to make my left turn and be out of his way: BIG MISTAKE! No one hurt but it crippled my income for a while. OLDER PEOPLE SHOULD GIVE THEMSELVES A FEW SECONDS BEFORE ACTING ON AN IMPULSE – our reflexes don’t readjust as quickly as a younger person’s. When convinced we’re on the brake we keep pushing that accelerator to the floor trying to stop the car. Another less hazardous senior moment may cause us and others some frustration. We open the fridge and forget What we wanted, go into another room and forget Why. I don’t beat myself up because of these moments – and I don’t let others get me upset. When you consider the number of times you open the fridge or enter another room it’s little wonder why our brain gets confused sometimes as to What or Why. You will usually find the answer to What or Why where you just came from.,

Friday, January 9, 2015


JUST SHARING MY THOUGHTS – 4 I don’t remember a time when I wasn’t curious about a number of things – many of them at the same time. It’s part of the reason I wasn’t a very good young student. When the rest of the class was focused on what the teacher was talking about my mind was focused on the voices and activities inside my head. Sometimes I’d be just outside the classroom window – with the squirrel leaping from one limb to another, with the leaves being stirred, with the tree swaying to the rhythm of the wind. More often than not I’d be far away – riding on the back of a fast moving train, at the helm of a sailing ship bucking the angry waves of a storm. Where was I going? I didn’t care – as long as it was away from where I was. Mine was a running towards not a running from – I was always moving to discover what was on the other side of a hill, moving to discover another body of water, another continent, another planet. I was and still am on a quest to know more about me about this earth and all whom I share it with. I want to know more about our solar system, our galaxy, our universe – both the universe inside of me (that I cannot see) and universe outside of me (that I can see a portion of) but know so little about. Science tells me that each cell of my body inevitably dies and is continually replaced by another cell; and that this process has been going on since my inception. The cells I now have are not the cells I had – my body does not contain a single cell I had at my inception. This renewal process is also true in the outer universe – no planet, no solar system, no galaxy existing in the universe now is the same as those existing at the inception of our known universe. The cells – whether they’re in our brain, heart, lungs, liver, reproductive organs… – that make up our internal universe are interdependent. The inhabitants of earth are all interdependent. The claim of one group to be superior to other groups is nothing more than a vain attempt to deny interdependency. When a powerful group dominates and or annihilates other groups the interdependency of the groups is corrupted. That corruption will negatively affect the health and wellbeing of all groups – the power group will not escape the negative effects.,

Friday, December 26, 2014


IT MAKES ME SAY SOMETHING – 10 The indiscriminate murder of police officers – nothing heroic about it – makes me say something. Friends of mine retired from law enforcement – I have family still in service; for a short while I was an MP (military policeman) while on active duty in the Marine Corps. These and my life experiences give me some idea of what police community relations should look like. Just laws and enforcement of those laws are absolutely necessary for a civil society to sustain itself. Citizens must be protected against those who would do them harm. I refuse to close my eyes to the reality that some people among us don’t give a damn about anyone but themselves; they don’t give a shit about color or kind – they will take whatever they can get away with, including human life. Some crafty criminals work to turn color and kind against each other. I frankly don’t care whether someone hates me or not; but when a hater tries to harm me I want an officer of the law to hear my cry for help – I’ll fight till he or she gets there. If law enforcers and citizens do not work together there will be chaos. American law enforcers don’t have a long history of protecting black people; more often than not law enforcers have been used to restrict the rights of and even kill black people – especially those who stood in defiance to unjust laws and enforcement. The existing mistrust between law enforcers and black communities – especially those economically depressed – shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. Now with the passing of laws that directly impact black communities and with the intensification of enforcement, the thread of trust between the black community and law enforcers is at a breaking point. Law enforcement in the 21st Century cannot work in a democracy using treat and intimidation – fewer and fewer people are afraid of dying while more and more people have guns….,

Saturday, December 20, 2014


JUST SHARING MY THOUGHTS – 3 A close female friend and I were having lunch with conversation about what could be done to increase the presence and diversity of African American stories in the media – specifically stage and film. As in many conversations by many people in the entertainment industry some good ideas were discussed. Enthused by something I said my friend suggested we put together a group to take the discussion further. My sharp response punctured her inflated enthusiasm and left her somewhat confused and stunned. I explained that I was not interested in forming or joining a group to discuss anything – “I don’t want to discuss shit.” I went on to say that I had been on and chaired committees that pleasured themselves in discussing one thing or another; that pleasured themselves in studying a problem. I have concluded that most discussion-groups pleasure themselves in doing nothing but discussing. If one is really interested in moving past discussing the economic social political psychological condition of Black Americans read any one or all of the following books: “SLAVERY by ANOTHER NAME” by Douglas A Blackmon; “THE NEW JIM CROW” by Michelle Alexander; “SHOULD AMERICA PAY?” by Raymond A Winbush . I’m only interested in Doing not Talking. If I am ever again standing with a group, or sub-group, that group will include officials from every level of our government, stock holding members and CEOs of financial institutions, CEOs and HEADS of business, religious, educational, social, law enforcement, and community institutions; and others who have a stake in developing the imprisoned potential of Africans Americans. I submit that all Americans will benefit when every human being, living is this beautiful country, is enabled to develop their full potential.