Wednesday, July 5, 2017


THOUGHTS ABOUT WORKING MY CRAFTS – death will find me in one or the other Next week I go out to New York for three weeks rehearsals of an original play written by James Anthony Tyler nurtured at the Berkshire Playwrights Lab directed by Joe Cacaci. I will have the first time pleasure of working with Leon Addison Brown who will be my son – just the two of us in this story. The story’s title is SOME OLD BLACK MAN. After New York we’re off to the Saint James Place Performing Arts Center in Great Barrington, Massachusetts for tech and performance. Like any artist I love what I do. What’s so rewarding about writing and acting is I can do it till death catches up with me. After a number of years of staff positions in business industry government and education I chose to write and act because there is no age limit – I can boogie till I drop. I love all artist particularly dancers; the dancer embodies and expresses the soul rhythm of life itself. My heart weeps for the dancer whose body can no longer do what the spirit urges.

Saturday, July 1, 2017


THOUGHTS ABOUT HEALTH I SENT TO MY IMMEDIATE FAMILY - sodium and high blood pressure PLEASE SHARE You guys know that I pay close attention to what I put into my system. I'm sure you've read something on the dangers of processed foods - the dangers of too much sugar sodium (salt) and fat. I have noticed, for instance, that all processed foods contain more sugar than ever before: particularly bakery and dairy products; the sodium levels in those products are also up. I've known for some time that my system is particularly sensitive to sodium (salt). Sodium, even in moderation, increases my blood pressure past safe limits. I have to read product labels closely. Read an interesting article on Google Chrome about sodium and blood pressure; the article suggest that consumers should be weary of any item with a sodium level above 140 milligrams (mg). The article goes on to suggest that a person sensitive to sodium limit their daily intake to 500 milligrams (mg) or less. No one loves me more than me. No one loves you more than you.

Monday, June 26, 2017


THOUGHTS ABOUT GIVING ADVICE ON AGING – don’t ask for it I’m at that gray, bent, withering age where people add sir to what is said; women hold doors for me, and cars actually stop and wait for me to cross. I love it – age does have its benefits. The other day while checking out in a grocery line the male scanning my items stopped and asked, in a smiling voice, “Sir, how old are you?” I gave him my smiling 82 years and watched his face fill with amazement. “I hope I live that long,” he said. I didn’t say it but I thought: some of the shit I’ve done might kill you long before 82. Later, with groceries in hand I entered my apartment complex and was greeted with, “How are you today, sir?” Before I could reply, seeing my food items, he continues, “I see why you’re in such good health, at your age. I thanked him; thought it but didn’t say it: if you consume as much fat sugar and salt as I have you may not make it. My drug of choice it alcohol; hated doing lines, my sinuses screamed ‘what the fuck.’ Hated when the joint got to me; apparently my lungs and sinuses had reached an agreement. Alcohol wasn’t that much better but it seemed the least destructive; even though there were times I couldn’t find my ass with both hands. I had so much sex at one time in life my tongue and dick just quit. So I hope no one ever asked my advice for long living – I just might tell them.

Thursday, June 15, 2017


THOUGHTS ABOUT NIGGER – THE WORD The etymology (history) of the word nigger is not the focus of my comments; what is of concern to me is how the word is being given the increasing-power it now has by the futile efforts to outlaw and bury its use in language and literature. The word will not be drummed out of world languages and literatures by verbal nor written condemnations. No inquisitions backed by armed enforcers will rip violating tongues out by their roots or pages from books. I really don’t intend to be insensitive when I say NIGGER ain’t going away soon. I just think there are more important issues black people need to be dealing with. The acceptable hashtag version, N-word still says NIGGER.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017


THOUGHTS ABOUT NEIGHBORHOOD PREDATORS – thinking black After living in urban, residential, and rural areas of this country and one other I’ve learned a few things about the predatory nature of some people; I’m talking about the neighborhood predator – that person(s) who lives in the neighborhood and feeds on people who s/he lives next to, laughs and talks with, smokes and drinks with, goes to church and prays with: waiting for the moment when a neighbor’s back is turned, waiting till darkness hides their intended treachery. A neighborhood predator(s) can only be stopped by another neighbor(s). If left unchecked predators grow bolder; s/he will not wait for darkness to cloak h/er, will not wait till a back is turned, they will take the property and life of a neighbor while making no effort to cover their face. Unlike other animals that stop killing and feeding themselves when their hunger is satisfied, like parasites, neighborhood predator will continue their blood lust till there’s no one left to feed on before feeding on each other. Pleading and praying will not stop a predator, s/he only understands and responds to brute force.

Thursday, May 25, 2017


THOUGHT ABOUT LIVING LAUGHING FIGHTING – my art of saying fuck-it while fucking with it The discussion, often argument, as to whether human behavior is shaped more by nature-nurture or environment-perception has been around since wo-man first started to be aware of her-is self. More recently epigeneticist discovered some answers, some light, at the cellular level of our being – African ancestors called it Blood Memory. We not only look like our parents but we are preconditioned, before we’re born, to adopt a parent’s behavior – saint or sinner, so to speak. This means a pimp might produce a pimp, a prostitute a prostitute, a preacher a preacher, a musician a musician, a liar a liar, a murderer a murderer, a racist a racist, and the list go on. Once we leave the womb and enter the realm of nurture and environment, what happens to us there affects and shapes our behavior. Remember that we are all preconditioned for certain behaviors. Both nurture and environment brings those predispositions into play – what was only possible and predictable becomes real. The reasons why we seem to be always dealing with the same human problems is that human behaviors are passed on from one generation to the next, to the next, to the next. Racism is a behavior. So, for me it is not a new and shocking reality. Instead of railing at the top of my lungs till I burst a brain vessel, I assess the value of the harm it is causing and decide how I should deal with it. If racism is causing me no real harm, fuck it. Someone calling me a nigger doesn’t even get the hand, fuck’em. When I assess the harm has significant value and can cause pain or worse, I move to thwart or reduce its impact. I will take a life or die defending my own and that of my kind before submitting to lethal harm. PLEASE SHARE.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017


THOUGHTS ABOUT THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX – not following the crowd One thing that has helped me continue my development is my ability to think outside the box. Even as a young growing child WHY was always flowing from my mouth. Even when punitive rules didn’t encourage the inquiry I thought it silently. I was never one to just do what I was told when it didn’t make sense. Even when it seemed to make sense I wanted to know Who said it and Why. Mother was more tolerant with my Whys than Dad, but I still thought it. In primary school I was seldom mentally in class with the rest of the kids. I was always exploring the outside world visible to me or the world in my imagination; they were almost always more interesting than what was being told without ever allowing me to ask Why and Who said. As a young adult I had what I call a vision. In this dream state I was in a very dark place, so black I could see nothing, even though my eyes were wide open. The space was full of people; although some stood still most were moving opposite to the direction I was going. Some people tried to change my direction but I’d simply brush them away and continue walking. I could see nothing but intuition compelled me to keep moving. As I continued the numbers of people diminished to a point when I was alone. Soon there was a dim light ahead and I knew I was headed in the right direction – awake and more conscious. I have long been an independent thinker and am never confined to any box – religious, racist, political, sexist, social, or genetic.