Sunday, May 1, 2016


THOUGHTS ON WHAT BLACKS KNOW ABOUT WHITES AND VICE VERSA Black people know more about the lives of white people than white people know about black lives. This is not a new thought but one that should be repeated often. There’s a reason for this difference in white and black knowledge. Black people were and still are forced to learn about white history, white science, white literature, white art, and of course white gods. White people have never been required to know anything about black people but have been fed a constant stream of caricatures by media makers. The obvious intent for this was and still is to maintain a position of dominance. All media, including that for stage and film, is created from a position of dominance – and to that extent it’s propaganda. Where black media workers tend to think altruistically about their work, white media makers think politically – maintaining dominance. The most reliable and durable way to get more black faces in stage and film media is to produce more stories about black life: these stories must be written by black writers and from a black perspective. Black makers and viewers of media must move beyond the feeling of altruism to the political perspective of purpose. This must be done for the progress and survival of the black mind.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

WHAT WHITE RACISM IS - a republish

Repost: THOUGHTS ON THEATRE AND REVELATION I took time last night to be at the Fountain Theatre. The symphony in words is titled CITIZEN by Claudia Rankine, adapted for stage by Stephen Sachs, and conducted by the skilled craft-woman Shirley Jo Finney. The synergistic energy of the cast gave CITIZEN its life’s blood – its pulse and rhythms. To say I love theatre is an understatement. When I’m in a theatre witnessing first hand the living of life I feel privileged and inspired. Sometimes, not always but, sometimes before the musicians take their bows I have a revelation – I have a tangible something I did not have when I came in. I have, for some time now, been trying to give racism a name and body that plainly states its nature. CITIZEN provided the impetus for this revelation. The revelation came slow and in pieces, not all at once. I started with, RA CI SM IS, then added A, then decide I had to give racism an owner, so I added WHITE. I put that together and had, WHITE RACISM IS A, a what? This part was revealed slowly: SE RI AL KIL LER. This killer is pampered and protected by rich powerful white men; he is a celebrity in every American institution – bar none. He does his blood work honestly and with impunity. He is American as any of us; but he is also a racist – WHITE RACISM IS A SERIAL KILLER!!!

Monday, April 25, 2016


MY BOOKS ON AUDIBLE – please share

Sunday, April 24, 2016


THOUGHTS ON THE I IN ME – what enables me to do what I do? I made Sundays my Stink (think) Day some years ago. I don’t shower or change out of bed clothes. I use the day to assess the value of what I’ve done the past week or so – did what I do help or hurt my progress or the progress of another? Most of the time I do more good than harm – I do fuckup from time to time. I’ve been in control of me for a very long time and have learned to accept the fact that I can and do fail. I face my failures and immediately move to alter or completely change the behavior that led to them. With the help of mother and daddy, the marine corp., and living I decided to take control of my own life and not give that power to anyone else – to any physical or metaphysical being. Some foolish people and organizations have thought they were in control of me; but in the end found that I alone had the controls. I have the fearless power to trust me, to love and respect me – that power enables me to fearlessly trust, love and respect another individual.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016


THOUGHTS ON EQUITY AND LA 99 – member division and solution Political and propaganda maneuvering is intensifying between equity members supporting LA 99, as it is, and equity members demanding change. At issue is money: 99 producers with some equity members insist on actors not being paid; this is said to provide more actors an opportunity to work. On the other side of the divide are equity members who insist on being paid. Actors’ Equity Association is said to be going forward with its plans to implement a minimum wage contract at LA 99. What makes this a politically murky situation is that equity members are pitted against equity members while 99 producers sit awaiting the outcome. To muddy this political pool even more is that some equity members are also producers. As an equity actor I’m for a minimum wage equity contract – work for pay is equitable. Adolphus

Thursday, April 14, 2016


THOUGHTS ON MY DOWNSIZING – getting rid of things and stuff Perhaps age (81) has something to do with it but I am getting rid of things and stuff – literally. I love to read and do it both for pleasure and resource. As a writer and actor I’m a slave to story; all kinds of stories, by all kinds of story tellers - I don’t give a fuck what color or culture, philosophy, psychology, history, science or fiction. I want to read and feel the life’s pulse of all fellow human beings; if it were possible, I’d live with each of them for a while. I love life and living – beats the fuck out of being dead. In the sixteen years since my move to Reseda, California from Milwaukee I’ve accumulated a lot of things and stuff; things is what I needed and stuff is what I wanted. When I first stepped into my one bedroom space I could see every square inch of floor and walls. My downsizing goal is to come as close to that nakedness as possible. I’ve already sold and given away more than three hundred books, so I don’t need all the book shelving. I have furniture I don’t use or need, clothing I don’t use or need. I have a few art pieces of value – those will go to my children. I really don’t need all the space I’m rattling around in – so I’ll soon be looking for a nice and well located studio. I’m downsizing things and stuff and upsizing life – my writing and acting.

Sunday, April 10, 2016


THOUGHTS ABOUT INSTITUTIONAL MYOPIA – a sight condition created by exclusion; please share What follows will be clearly visible if your myopia hasn’t progressed too far. If it has the subject alone might cause you to pass this post without reading further. All institutions define themselves by exclusion; that is, those inside the institution agree to be governed by a certain set of laws, rules, and regulations – they are generally referred to as adherents or members. Those outside the institution are excluded from membership and generally regarded as outsiders. Some institutions by their nature are closed; they are unwilling to modify or change laws, rules, or regulations and membership is restrictive – countries, states, religious groups, extremist groups, political groups, education groups, and social groups are among these closed institutions Other institutions by their nature are open; they are willing to modify or change laws, rules, or regulations and membership is relaxed. We have only to look at the present dysfunction of our major political parties to see which party is closed and which is open; we have only to look at Mississippi to see a closed religious system; we have only to look at US media to see which are closed to the issues of race and which are open; we have only to look at the institutions open to social programs and which are closed; we have only to look at institution open to war and those closed. When an institution has defined itself totally by exclusion and has built an impregnable wall around its laws, its rules, its regulations, and its members that institution is suffering from myopia – the impaired vision will progress to blindness.