Sunday, March 25, 2018


THOUGHTS ABOUT WHITE FEAR OF BLACK MEN – another view It is true that an idea repeated often enough will eventually be accepted as fact. I have the habit of examining any idea supported too often by too many people: particularly when the idea is repeated with the same words in the same context. It’s become almost fashionable to justify the killing of an unarmed black man out of a justifiable fear – that fear is assumed to be both rational and legal. Some voices of authority have gone so far as to state that the white fear in rooted in the injustice heaped upon black people by whites and that the specter of a black man is seen as an avenging demon. I have found nothing remotely close to facts to support this assertion. I have another view of why unarmed blacks are killed by whites – the killings are driven not by fear but impunity. Not too long ago the killing, by torture and lynching, of black people was a public event; a spectacle attended by jubilant crowds of white families – men women and children. Jubilation has not suddenly turned to fear in the American culture. However, jubilation has been replaced by a conscious disregard for black life; there is a conscious regard for white life. That regard is intensified when a person is white and young – that disregard remains the same for black people whether old or young. A citizen’s call to police for suspected mischief by a black person is approached as fact – the same call to police for suspected mischief by a white person is approached for verification. Verification is a must before lethal force is used against a white suspect. Verification is subjective when a black is suspect. Black life does not share the same conscious regard as white life.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018


THOUGHTS ABOUT MISSED MOMENTS OF BLACK-LIFE – millions of lives billions of moments This thought has come to me in many forms so I’ll attempt to give it coherence in this post. What I want to focus on is those moments missed while struggling to stay alive. The American government has robbed black folk of more than their labor pride heritage culture freewill family-hood spirituality and self but has also prevented them from experiencing those moments that could have enriched and given purpose to their lives. Following my four years plus of service in the Marine Corp my Father arranged for me to be hired at a large steel manufacturing company in Milwaukee, a company he would retire from after more than thirty years. I’d never been inside dad’s workplace while growing up and it was fascinating to me. Starting out I was a GOFOR, you know, go for this go for that. I worked my way up to assistant press operator; huge machine as tall as a three story building that shaped steel into frames for trucks automobiles and farm equipment – including siloes; during WW-II the company manufactured bombs tanks and other war material. I went to the company’s welding school to learn rod and gas for line work. Line welding is a blend of humans and machines producing parts at a high rate of speed – this is piecework: more parts meant more money. Each person on the line pushes the other to go faster. Repetition gave me and the other workers rote memory – meaning we didn’t have to use a lot of brain power to do the job. That was particularly true of me. I planned my development and that of my family while working on that line. Now I’ll give a morbid twist to my story. A slaver sells me to the company, the company puts me to work on the line for no money, the company hires a driver with a whip whose job is to make me produce lots of parts all day every day into the night, the company allows me to stay in a shack with my wife and kids but the company attends to their needs – they look to the company for everything. I can’t protect my family, I can’t buy my kids candy, I can’t give my wife flowers, I can’t have time for romance, I can’t walk in a park, watch the leaves fall, watch a sunset, speak my mind, I can’t choose to live and at the same time stay alive. We owe it to our ancestors to mend our broken lives – to heal the pathology (sickness) that still plagues us.

Sunday, March 11, 2018


THOUGHTS ABOUT LIFE – through my eyes and mirror Sunday is my day for assessing what I said I’d do or continue working on, and what I actually did. Lately some weeks my DO STUFF sucks – perhaps its age as in older age. Even though my mind says do my ass says fuck-it. This past week was a fuck-it week. I really don’t know how to do nothing, even when I’m doing nothing. Meaning, when I’m not doing what I said I’d do I’m always doing something; it’s just not what I said I’d do. I said at the beginning of the past week, or more like the past few weeks, I’d work on my memoire and continue work on merging my three novels into one book. I also said I’d do more preliminary work on getting more jobs in film and telephone. Instead of this DO STUFF I’ve been following local and world news events, reading books, sitting in coffee shops and drinking cappuccinos with soy – before my recent heart attack I would drink double espressos. I call what I’ve been doing CREATIVE AVOIDANCE. I haven’t added my voice to those in visual and social media defending or attacking the actions of our President. I frankly don’t think I’m able to add or take away anything significant. I do think some of his actions intentionally divide the country along racial line – in that sense he is a racist. I think we do need to keep close watch on white race haters in order to protect black people, families, and neighborhoods from harm. I also think we need to join hands with black elected officials and black think tanks in fighting to repeal or block the enactment of laws that harm black people. Some black African countries (peoples) are moving to confiscate land and take back control of their natural resources from former white colonizers. More black Americans should come to realize that slavery and discrimination based on race has a value that can be interpreted in dollars, land, and other resources. Black American must come to realize that America owes black people an enormous debt that must be paid. REPARATIONS is not just an empty word it describes actions to be taken to heal the harm, the injustice, done to a people – making them whole and not remain broken.

Thursday, February 22, 2018


THOUGHTS ABOUT THE FILM BLACK PANTHER – a story in cinematography I saw the film on Monday following its opening. The theater was near capacity and my mind was captive of the story from beginning to end. My thanks and congratulations to author and director Ryan Coogler for seamlessly creating a tapestry of fiction and reality, of the past present and future – all in a mesmerizing fantasy that both hypnotized and pleased my 6 senses. I bow to Chadwick Boseman Angela Bassett Forest Whitaker Andy Serkis and John Kani for living the soul of the story. My thanks and love to all who contributed to the tapestry. BLACK PANTHER reaches far beyond what is seen on the big screen – it challenges one to go to that place.

Friday, February 16, 2018


THOUGHTS ABOUT MY CURIOSITY – the why of things I’ve always questioned the why of things in my life or that which influenced my life in any way – love, people, animals, trees, birds, stars, solar systems, galaxies, universes, gods, devils, angels, and aliens. I read a lot so it may be the engine that drives my curiosity. I lost the fear of asking questions about my curiosities some time ago. No one person gives me the last and only position on anything, no one. Love, for instance, has been defined in many ways – some with flowing eloquence. I don’t believe there are many kinds of love. Love is simply an animal emotion where one considers another as themselves. The emotion can be imbued with many intentions: a mother’s affection for her child, affection of one person for another – friendship, sexual, marriage. Some love is imbued with affection for nature, animals, plants and flowers, even for stars. Some love is strong in its intent some weak. The flip side is the hate emotion. As an atheist I don’t believe in a God of any kind. It follows that I don’t believe in a Devil, a Son or Daughter of God or Devil, a Heaven, a Hell, or a Place in between. The people who believe in these phenomena might be right – but I don’t share the belief. What seems to be of more importance to me, than Gods or Devils, is how the human animal will create more love than hate for humans and all else. Our solar system will one day go BOOM!; taking all life with it. The human Hate emotion can now end all life on this planet long before our Sun runs out of gas. Humans are really the only Gods and Devils we’ll ever know.

Friday, January 12, 2018


THOUGHTS ABOUT THE AUDACITY OF RACISM – unchecked racism fosters violence Bold racism is not a new thing to black people or those of color – slavery, the indiscriminate slaughter of non-whites; the legal deprivation of basic human rights is still fresh in the minds of black people; it is even evident to clear thinking white people. It’s really good to see so many white people take visible stands against our racist president. This behavior, however, has not been consistent; and that makes me wonder if the white reaction is more out of being embarrassed by the vulgar racist behavior of a white president than a genuine concern for the well-being of black people. Extending this notion a little further, history shows that when whites stand to benefit from racism their voices grow weak. I am not one of those who believe racism is like a common cold – love, hot lemon tea, an aspirin and bed rest will cure it. I’ve come to believe that people do what they want to not because they can’t help it but because they perceive a benefit. A racist seeks to dominate and control anyone not like him; a racist, left unchecked, will physically destroy anyone who stands in the way of his complete domination and control. This brings me to the necessary use of violence. More than a few white men have tried to provoke an all-out race war they see as inevitable. When one has intentionally harmed another there is fear and expectation of retaliation. Because of the overwhelming power in white hands blacks have wisely followed a non-violent path of retaliation. But racist should not be deceived by our perceived passivity for we not only die well but also kill well. Our racist president is continuing with his vulgar provocation to create race and class conflict in order to deflect the attention of Americans and the world away from his blatant ineptness for the seat he shits on.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017


THOUGHTS ABOUT TROUBLE INDICATORS – the health of a people a nation Even as a child I asked WHY; I’d ask a lot of adults WHY about a lot of things. It soon became clear to me that I had and would always have far more WHYS than answers. Also clear to me was that I would have to search and find answers to my WHYS and that adults accessible to me didn’t have all the answers. Yesterday’s Google was my city library; you could often find me there trying to find answers to my WHYS. That’s where I developed my love for reading. I found that many of my questions had been asked and answered and were available in books. It’s probably through reading that I learned to find answers to my WHYS through observation. That brings me to the point of this post. I once revisited the neighborhood I grew up in. I could no longer see the pride and wellbeing I had known growing up. Walking around the neighborhood I began the see the trouble indicators that screamed its ill health. Whatever my point of view there were dominant clusters of liquor stores and little churches; these are not the cause of the ill health. The causes rest in the factory closing leaving a field of weeds; they rest in the freeway ripping the heart out the neighborhood taking with it little businesses owner-occupied homes and the sense of pride and wellbeing. I find a comparison between my old neighborhood and our country, America. From any perspective more and more Americans are finding it impossible to keep bread on a table, to provide their children with an education and a roof over their heads. There is a desperation a pain in America that can be seen in the increase of drug and alcohol consumption and the desperate pleas to a perceived God for relief – a desperate and incessant plea for help.