Monday, April 21, 2014


AW IDW PRESS RELEASE 21 APRIL 2014 Adolphus A. Ward, a seventy-Nine year old Independent Writer, released the 2nd Edition of an African American Family Trilogy. His fascinating stories examine how conflict, both inside and outside a family, influenced individual behavior and continued to affect behavior in the generations that followed. The stories, he said, are connected yet they stand alone – each with themes of its own – each with a clear beginning, middle and end. “HARVEST THE DUST” is the first of the trilogy. “MILK THE IRON COW” is the second. “STAND UPSIDE DOWN” is the third and final book. Mr. Ward’s captivating stories follow the lives of three successive generations of the Tallman Family. Ward admits he is unaware of another trilogy, in print or ebook, of African American Family life and assumes his to be unique, both in structure and story content. His stories begin on a cotton farm in Colt, Arkansas, 1934 – a time of the Great Depression and Jim Crow Laws. The stories end in two Wisconsin Cities: Milwaukee, Wisconsin 1941– a time of World War II and job discrimination, based on race; and Kenosha, Wisconsin 1984 – a time when Affirmative Action was under siege. Ward was unequivocal when he said, ‘My stories are an acclamation to the resilience of African American People.’ The trilogy is available at his website in print and ebook. He believes readers will finish his novels with an enlightened understanding of African American life.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014


RACE LOATHING APOLOGY I’m just sharing my thoughts on the really good ape likeness given our president and his wife – I half expected to see their ape like daughters in the article. I see the former Belgian slavers haven’t lost their instinct for treating black people as exotic animals to tame and play with. Belgian mommies and daddies are still as loathing of the black race as history records. There’s a hypocritical Christ-like ethic that has been bestowed on us by moral leaders. That ethic, that code is the instrument of apology. One is allowed to say, and even do, anything to another person or group of persons as long as they apologize – even if with a snickering hint of contrition. Now I know that Belgium doesn’t have all the black-race haters in the world – race haters, like pollution, is everywhere. Black people live with, as one black writer has said, a protective mask. That mask allows some race haters to see us as a grinning, shuffling, forgiving, praying, watermelon, fried chicken eating bunch of ninnies. What race haters should know is that we see your naked, nasty, stinking asses – we would like for you to take your apologies, mold them into a blunt phallus, then slowly lower your naked cheeks until you feel a fullness in your rectum, then spin as rapidly as you can – until the pain forces your mind to a new reality.

Saturday, March 22, 2014


PRIVATE LIVES MADE PUBLIC INFORMATION The growing discussion about the governments overreach into private communications is something I’ve given thought to long before Julian Assange and Edward Snowden. None of what’s being uncovered is all that shocking to me – the scale of it gives me pause, but the substance is consistent with what is already in history books and novels. It is commonly understood that the US Government uses wiretap as a tool to entrap law breakers. The government has stopped and copied personal mail before releasing it to the intended recipient. The government has planted a spy and or provocateur in organizations suspected of violating a law or some rule of conduct. Now with the aide of electronic data retrieval and storage systems and the unlimited access to huge deposits of personal information – school records, medical records, insurance records, credit records, court records, marriage records, divorce records, military records, phone records, email records – the government is capable of creating a profile on virtually any American, whether born here or not. This level of surveillance is now being extended to include other countries. I have a personal concern about a profile that might be drawn from data collected on me. As a writer and actor I live what I consider to be open life style. What you see is what you got – I love America because it’s my home; because daddy and mother and grandparents and ancestors worked, bled, and died to establish that fact; because I maintain that right by way of my citizenship. I don’t ask anyone for permission to be an American – I am an American because I say I am. My concern about electronic surveillance is that profiles are open to flawed interpretation. If I communicate with a prostitute, an illegal drug user, a felon, a gay person, a dissident, etc., or if I communicate with a person who communicates with any person with these attributes: it could be concluded that I support or am complicit in such behavior. Having relatives and friends in each of the above categories you might understand and even share my concern as it relates to our government’s expanding surveillance. When a government turns on itself it ultimately destroys itself.

Friday, March 21, 2014


SHARING MY THOUGHTS ABOUT OUR SUN As a novelist I’m usually thinking about human beings and what we do or don’t do for or to one another. But my mind will, from time to time, leave earth and venture into the heavens. I try to get my mind around the enormous size and complexity of our solar system, our galaxy – the size and complexity of our universe is so far outside my understanding that I’m left dumbfounded. Like any person interested in the heavens, I think about our local planetary system – specifically the Sun. Without it, We would not exist. The Sun, like Humans, has a Birth to Life to Death cycle. We know our Sun is a star – all stars are born, live, and die. This brings me to the point of my thoughts. When a star dies any living organisms near it also die. This reality tells me that we had better find other earth-like places to live if the human race is to continue. Since we are living now, we have the responsibility to plan for those yet to be born – if We don’t do this the human race Will eventually cease to exist. Put another way, if we ignore our responsibility we will have aborted the possibility of others like us being born.

Sunday, January 19, 2014


STINK DAY I’m just talking to myself loud enough for others to hear. For some time now, Sunday has been a day for reflection – I think about things: things recently done, things to do, and the how and why of it all. If I’m not going out to meet a friend for breakfast I don’t shower – I don’t even change out of what I slept in, if I slept in anything. I might leave the sofabed unfolded. So I tend to get a little funky as the day moves toward its end – I’m comfortable in my stink. Today the thought of my solo performance is present – next week I’ll do a workshop performance for a few follow writers and actors. One never knows when or how an idea will spark the action to do something. I’m a member of the Independent Writers of Southern California (IWOSC) – a very large group. One morning I was in a subgroup meeting at a bookstore near where I live when a fellow writer suggested I write a solo performance to help promote my new books – she knows my work as an actor and writer and had put the two together. That idea had never occurred to me – it may never have. Although I’m well aware that I need others to help me reach the goals I set for myself, sometimes that reality gives me pause and time to consider the fact that we really do need each other.

Sunday, December 22, 2013


WEEKEND YEAR END REFLECTION Just sharing a little of me. I’ve made it a habit to use Sundays as a day to reflect on my past week – what I planned to do, what I did, and the difference. Now with the yearend in sight I’m doing the same thing for 2013. A number of years ago I decided to become a professional writer and actor – meaning, some part of my income would be made from those efforts: I’ve had some success in both. I was recently in a play at the Pasadena Playhouse in Pasadena, CA – Sheldon Epps directing an exceptional group of actors and support staff. The play was “Twelve Angry Men.” Now my thoughts are toward publishing the 2nd Edition of my 3 novels. March-April 2014 will find me with beautiful new books. “Harvest The Dust” is the first of my Family-Fiction trilogy – it is set in 1934-35 and examines how the Great Depression influenced the lives in this family. “Milk The Iron Cow” is the second – it is set in 1941 and examines how World War II influenced the lives in this family. “Stand Upside Down” is the third – it is set in 1984 and examines how the challenge to Affirmative Action threatened to stop the progress of black people in employment. At 78 and single I think life is great – it beats the fuck out of dead.

Thursday, December 5, 2013


NELSON MANDELA The light of his flesh is out, but the light of his life still illuminates the way to a better humanity.