Thursday, February 22, 2018


THOUGHTS ABOUT THE FILM BLACK PANTHER – a story in cinematography I saw the film on Monday following its opening. The theater was near capacity and my mind was captive of the story from beginning to end. My thanks and congratulations to author and director Ryan Coogler for seamlessly creating a tapestry of fiction and reality, of the past present and future – all in a mesmerizing fantasy that both hypnotized and pleased my 6 senses. I bow to Chadwick Boseman Angela Bassett Forest Whitaker Andy Serkis and John Kani for living the soul of the story. My thanks and love to all who contributed to the tapestry. BLACK PANTHER reaches far beyond what is seen on the big screen – it challenges one to go to that place.

Friday, February 16, 2018


THOUGHTS ABOUT MY CURIOSITY – the why of things I’ve always questioned the why of things in my life or that which influenced my life in any way – love, people, animals, trees, birds, stars, solar systems, galaxies, universes, gods, devils, angels, and aliens. I read a lot so it may be the engine that drives my curiosity. I lost the fear of asking questions about my curiosities some time ago. No one person gives me the last and only position on anything, no one. Love, for instance, has been defined in many ways – some with flowing eloquence. I don’t believe there are many kinds of love. Love is simply an animal emotion where one considers another as themselves. The emotion can be imbued with many intentions: a mother’s affection for her child, affection of one person for another – friendship, sexual, marriage. Some love is imbued with affection for nature, animals, plants and flowers, even for stars. Some love is strong in its intent some weak. The flip side is the hate emotion. As an atheist I don’t believe in a God of any kind. It follows that I don’t believe in a Devil, a Son or Daughter of God or Devil, a Heaven, a Hell, or a Place in between. The people who believe in these phenomena might be right – but I don’t share the belief. What seems to be of more importance to me, than Gods or Devils, is how the human animal will create more love than hate for humans and all else. Our solar system will one day go BOOM!; taking all life with it. The human Hate emotion can now end all life on this planet long before our Sun runs out of gas. Humans are really the only Gods and Devils we’ll ever know.

Friday, January 12, 2018


THOUGHTS ABOUT THE AUDACITY OF RACISM – unchecked racism fosters violence Bold racism is not a new thing to black people or those of color – slavery, the indiscriminate slaughter of non-whites; the legal deprivation of basic human rights is still fresh in the minds of black people; it is even evident to clear thinking white people. It’s really good to see so many white people take visible stands against our racist president. This behavior, however, has not been consistent; and that makes me wonder if the white reaction is more out of being embarrassed by the vulgar racist behavior of a white president than a genuine concern for the well-being of black people. Extending this notion a little further, history shows that when whites stand to benefit from racism their voices grow weak. I am not one of those who believe racism is like a common cold – love, hot lemon tea, an aspirin and bed rest will cure it. I’ve come to believe that people do what they want to not because they can’t help it but because they perceive a benefit. A racist seeks to dominate and control anyone not like him; a racist, left unchecked, will physically destroy anyone who stands in the way of his complete domination and control. This brings me to the necessary use of violence. More than a few white men have tried to provoke an all-out race war they see as inevitable. When one has intentionally harmed another there is fear and expectation of retaliation. Because of the overwhelming power in white hands blacks have wisely followed a non-violent path of retaliation. But racist should not be deceived by our perceived passivity for we not only die well but also kill well. Our racist president is continuing with his vulgar provocation to create race and class conflict in order to deflect the attention of Americans and the world away from his blatant ineptness for the seat he shits on.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017


THOUGHTS ABOUT TROUBLE INDICATORS – the health of a people a nation Even as a child I asked WHY; I’d ask a lot of adults WHY about a lot of things. It soon became clear to me that I had and would always have far more WHYS than answers. Also clear to me was that I would have to search and find answers to my WHYS and that adults accessible to me didn’t have all the answers. Yesterday’s Google was my city library; you could often find me there trying to find answers to my WHYS. That’s where I developed my love for reading. I found that many of my questions had been asked and answered and were available in books. It’s probably through reading that I learned to find answers to my WHYS through observation. That brings me to the point of this post. I once revisited the neighborhood I grew up in. I could no longer see the pride and wellbeing I had known growing up. Walking around the neighborhood I began the see the trouble indicators that screamed its ill health. Whatever my point of view there were dominant clusters of liquor stores and little churches; these are not the cause of the ill health. The causes rest in the factory closing leaving a field of weeds; they rest in the freeway ripping the heart out the neighborhood taking with it little businesses owner-occupied homes and the sense of pride and wellbeing. I find a comparison between my old neighborhood and our country, America. From any perspective more and more Americans are finding it impossible to keep bread on a table, to provide their children with an education and a roof over their heads. There is a desperation a pain in America that can be seen in the increase of drug and alcohol consumption and the desperate pleas to a perceived God for relief – a desperate and incessant plea for help.

Friday, December 15, 2017


THOUGHTS ABOUT EMBRACING STRESS – forms of coping My education training and experience have enabled me to develop and teach others coping skills to manage stress. Most mature adults are well aware that stress is ever present in everyday life. What few mature adults realize is that stress is not a cause but a reaction; the stress we experience is our reaction to stressors. Stressors are those irritating circumstances that lead to what I call pain; I don’t use pain to mean just physical pain but includes all circumstances which ultimately bring discomfort to an individual. It is a natural reflex reaction to get rid of pain as quickly as possible, but too often we do nothing but cover it up; we take a pain killer and go to bed hoping the pain is gone by morning. When we mask pain we also hide the cause of the pain. When we embrace our stress (pain) we examine it until we discover the stressor(s) that caused it: we then take action to eliminate, mitigate, or cope. When we can’t eliminate a stressor we try and mitigate it; failing to reduce the severity of it we develop coping strategies – but we never stop exploring ways to rid ourselves of stressors. I think people who feel that power rest within themselves have a better chance of successfully embracing stress. On the other hand, people who feel that power resides somewhere outside of them have little or no chance of embracing pain. People who mask their pain with drugs, alcohol, or religious belief will find it difficult if not impossible to identify the stressors in their lives.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

MILK THE IRON COW - book 2 or trilogy

MILK THE IRON COW is Book 2 of historical black family fiction and is set in Milwaukee, Wisconsin – early 1941. It is the eve of World War II; the time when black families were leaving farms in the south for work in northern factories. Black men were denied employment and barred from union membership. GO TO WEB PAGE: – PLEASE SHARE.,

Thursday, November 23, 2017

HARVEST THE DUST - 1st of Trilogy

HARVEST THE DUST is Book 1 of historical black family fiction and is set in Arkansas – 1934. It is the time when Jim Crow Laws governed the lives of black people – what they could and could not do; where, when and how they could do it. The Great Depression was devastating the nation’s economy; cotton was the staple crop; and Arkansas’ fertile land had turned to dust. GO TO WEB PAGE: – PLEASE SHARE.