Wednesday, November 25, 2015


MY THOUGHTS ON RACE CONFLICT I’m editing my second audio book but was out yester-midday to do an audition for a role in a film – no word yet on got it or no. I have this habit of stopping for coffee and snack after an audition to assess my performance, I did well. Running low on orange juice in my frige I first picked some up at Costco in Westfield Topanga Mall then settled into a seat at Coffee Bean a short drive away – with my double espresso egg-white kale and cheese sandwich. I was seated where I could see people-traffic moving to and from the length of the second level. I had made the observation many times but this time it really captured my senses and infused a holographic image into my psyche. If you’re a people watcher you’ll see this coming before I finish. People are really beautiful animals. We come in all shapes colors and sizes; we walk differently talk differently smell differently show affection differently dress differently and like different stuff. We were all different there yet using the same space at the same time. A mall is a virtual microcosm of our cities our country and our world. Whether we like it or not we will see smell taste touch hear and live with or near each other – even more than today. No one of us is leaving; because there is no place one can go that will not soon have everyone else follow. We’re stuck with each other so let’s relax and enjoy our differences.

Thursday, November 19, 2015


MY THOUGHTS ON TERRORISM AND RELIGION Terrorism is literally a political act; religion is often used to disguise terrorism’s true intent. Its true intent is to subjugate and control a group of people. As a political act, terrorism can be both physically and psychologically imposed. Some of us have been conditioned to only see the physical and are literally blind to terrorism’s psychological destruction. For example we don’t really pay much attention to deprivation of education, jobs, health care, personal safety, or equal representation under the law. We tend not to see these things until they directly impact us. The fact that we don’t see or feel these deprivations doesn’t mean they don’t exist. When a government deprives a group of its citizens of education, jobs, health care, personal safety, or equal representation under the law that government is a terrorist – when religion allows itself to be complicit in the deprivation it too is a terrorist.

Sunday, November 15, 2015




MY THOUGHTS ON RELIGION AND SUBJUGATION All forms of religion, ancient and present day, have one thing in common – it seeks to bring everything and everyone under its influence – to subjugate all. The more civil forms of religion seek to do that by persuasion; the less civil forms do it by force. All religions were born in mythology; ancient human attempts at understanding the awesome wonder of their existence and the world around them. Human wonder developed stories to give wonder some meaning; ancients created gods, moderns created a God as central to their stories. These stories progressed into beliefs – beliefs progressed into rituals which reinforced the beliefs. And so, all humans who practice a religion are following a mythology, a wonder, a story, a belief, a God and rituals which they and their ancestors created. Religion is an extremely powerful force because it is at the core of human psyche – all humans are influenced by the awesomeness of existence whether or not they practice a religion. Religion, though a powerful force, has no volition of its own. That is, it cannot move and direct its own action: that makes it vulnerable and easily exploited by those who have wealth and political power. GOD is not in control of anything- HUMANS are.

Saturday, November 7, 2015



Tuesday, November 3, 2015


MY THOUGHTS ON LITERACY AND BLACK CHILD DEVELOPMENT In these thoughts I’m talking about black people here in America; I’m talking about the development of black people as a whole not just a few. I’m talking about our young children in public schools; I’m talking about the behavior of our children that block teachers from teaching and students from learning; I’m talking about one principal cause of disruptive student behavior. I have a master degree in education with a focus in adult education; but I have experience in public school class rooms where the behavior of black students disrupted any possibility of teaching or learning. These experiences were in the Milwaukee public school system. I have educators in my family, and friends who are educators. I have traveled around the country and have found the behavior of disruptive black students to be essentially the same. With disruptive student behavior now becoming physically violent I’m here sharing the thoughts about the why of it. What is the principal, or at least a major contributing, cause of disruptive/violent student behavior in a class room? Frist, I think the behavior is intentional and not just a spontaneous occurrence. Disruptive students get out of bed and come to school prepared to disrupt. But why do student expend all that energy disrupting when it could be used learning? Disruptive/violent behavior is a blocking technique – as used by students the technique is to block teaching from occurring. The consequence of that act is of no concern to disruptive students – their ultimate goal is to stop the teaching process. But why, damn it, why? Here some parents, adult community members, and some educators think the answer is in what is being taught – what’s taught is not about black people so it’s not interesting to black students so they disrupt: there’s some truth to that but not the whole truth. Disruptive black students are afraid they will fail in a learning process – a learning situation scares the shit out of them: a class room makes black students feel they are standing in the middle of a busy street totally naked. I think this is true of many adult black people – they too are scared shitless of having to learn anything new. If this is true, why is it so; it is so because the prerequisite to learning is the ability to read. When one cannot read or read well that person is scared to death of having to read anything. Most disruptive students cannot read well if at all, their parents cannot read well, their grandparents cannot read. Many black adults are functionally illiterate. Many black homes have no books, none. Children never see parents read anything. Some ignorant black adults will boast of not wanting to read anything; others claim with pride they only read the Bible – as thought that makes them less illiterate. If you don’t read and proud of it don’t tell anyone, especially young children – just shut up; don’t tell another living soul. And for black people and your own sake learn to read. Reading is a skill that has to be learned and then practiced; the more you read the better you can use the skill; the better you use the skill the less fear you have of reading; the less fear you have the better you can learn new things. Reading will open new worlds to you. READ damn it READ!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015


THOUGHTS ABOUT WHITE RACISM AND ENFORCEMENT I know it’s a little difficult for some to explore the causes leading up to a violent brutal act by anyone – especially when the act is committed by a person in a position of trust. I’m the kind of person who likes to explore the whys of things; I don’t ignore what happened but my focus is on why; discovering that information I might find a way to prevent it happening again. White racism has conditioned white men to consider them self to be potent. White racism has conditioned black men to consider them self to be impotent. White racism has conditioned both men to see each other in the way they’ve been conditioned. White racism imbues all institutions with white potency and black impotency – black men and women have been lynched, burned alive, torn to pieces, and castigated when and where ever they attempted to demonstrate black potency. Black men have been forged into fearing the potency of white men. White men have been forged into believing they have the power to do whatever they want to a black person – without retribution. Black men and boys fear the potency of white men so much that we remain frozen in fear while our women and children are brutally assaulted and murdered. What is so insidious about white racism is that it encourages black men and boys to kill each other – black men and boys do that without any fear at all. In fact we enjoy demonstrating our potency against one another.